As Long As the War goes On in Gaza…

I’m going to go

on writing about it.

This is one video talking of the techniques of manipulation.
I wish I could end it @6.26 seconds, cause he goes into a commercial break for funding… more manipulation by self promoting.

I guess this is an Israeli manipulation tactic, or something along those lines… NOT the Jewish people, but the political zionists of Israel, that live by deceiving the public, and manipulating the people, by their lies.

They make creative movies, with their superheroes stories… but people grow tired of trends. I was one of those deceived, cause it played my heartstrings with a colorful imagery, and I was looking forward to a sequel.

But the sequel was shit.

Manipulations by deception, was one of the reasons, I wanted to quit making commercials, when I was a kid at 6 years old, and I think I made that decision to quit at 8-9 years old.
It was fun at first, cause I got out of school, but the long days, but I liked eating Breyer’s Ice Cream all day, when I did one of their commercials, and I learned about vanilla flakes in the ice cream.

It brought up the deceptions to sell a product, and it magnified the deceptions, more than the truth, which I found unethical, and didn’t want to be a part of it.

After reading Bernays Propaganda book, on marketing practices these last few years, I wish I read it before. Then I would be so engulfed in my conspiracy theories, I’d be truly lost on the river currents of life.
I didn’t become aware of that, till I reached sometime in my mid-thirties.

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”

Bernays, Edward. Propaganda (p. 1). Ig Publishing. Kindle Edition.

That was the first line of the book, and it talked about manipulations as a form of governance, and the secrecy/invisibility of them, as true manipulators of society.

And he took the ball and ran towards the goal at the endzone, TOUCHDOWN!!!

He proved it to me at the end of my life, that success was in his hands by manipulation of the masses, he was the nephew of Sigmund Freud the Psychiatrist, to top it off.

He died in 1995 at 103 years old… I hope he was happy manipulating other’s lives, like the scientist, that he was, moving the diseases in the Petri dishes, called the consumers.

I would’ve made it more into focus and narrow minded, so that I saw nothing else… but manipulations.

And the manipulations of God, comes more into focus for me, by religions, as their servant, and a slave… you forgot God created you, and you didn’t even say “thank you”… and also you wanted to own the land, and have God work as your my servant… a slave.

Which is the biggest sin/mistake you can all do… the arrogance of our manipulations, is like a lazy bum dishing out dictatorial commands to the laborers… and you haven’t worked a day in your lives, except by deceiving people… stealthily, to top it off.

I feel like a lazy bum… cause I haven’t worked in over 47 years, but the last 47 years, I’ve been exerting my energy to keep the world spinning the way it is, that’s all of us ever have, is the energy. To breathe, and keep the heart pumping with energy.

We are dead otherwise… it’s the energy, that we exert, that gives us the meaning to life.