Marketing companies worse than the NSA

— Marketing companies worse than the NSA —


There is no more control over your privacy, it died with the internet.

RIP privacy, there is always hope for resurrection.

With the endless amount of servers that are out there, and specializing in one form or another, you don’t know who to block anymore. Blocking them doesn’t always work, it puts them in stealth mode, and they try and find a virtual path around the block.

It seems I’m at war with them eternally, no matter what I do, I win and I face more attacks, or I lose and I face more attacks, it seems there is no peace. That means I kill everyone, which God did before, and it didn’t work. God gives us time, cause that defeats everyone. God has lots of time, and endless amount of time, it’s called infinity.

God is on a different network than the internet, and God’s nodes are infinitely changing… but God’s watching you.

Marketing companies are spying on the public worse than the NSA, it makes the NSA seem like wayward child with an ego problem, but the workings of the marketing companies have a sinister plan in mind. Snowden should be role model for the whistleblowers of the ad agencies secrets.

I’m not against corporations, but I’m against fascism, where the corporations are taking away our liberties and governing what we see and believe. Corporations are religious people for the profits, and our forefathers saw the dangers of mixing politics and religions. The corporations are marketing themselves as saints, that serve the profits, another form of extremism which are related to prophets.

Well, I’m back to relating profits and prophets again, you have religions honoring prophets and corporations honoring profits, I see no difference, only the spelling. Like there was false prophets, there are also cooked books that are filled with false profits.

Cause they like to capitalize on our weaknesses, and manipulate us into cages, cause while we are in those cages of debts, they live large and free. They feed us the illusion of liberty, but they’re the ones who are free while we live in cages of our desires. You don’t see the bars, you live in a illusion, or I should say a delusion of freedom.

They serve the corporations and the lobbyists petition the govts, they all work together, like all good fascists do. The people should run the govt, not be underneath the riders of corporations, we’re not horses for the corporations.

Maybe the bible will makes sense with that analogy.

Let’s add this according to TWIT ; YouTubeKids is nothing but a deceptive marketing app… it seems liars are in business to lie at will, wolves in sheep’s clothing, they love to talk about it, it’s a way to dilute the mixture.