Deep Thoughts from Other’s Deep Thoughts

— Deep Thoughts from Other’s Deep Thoughts —



These deep thoughts, make me want to share my deep thoughts as a rebuttal.  Though I agree with him on many levels, I also disagree with him on many levels too. The deepness of mind is a truly attractive aspect of humankind. One that I hate sometimes. It causes so much suspicions and assumptions, to be speculated to be true. It’s a very dangerous aspect of mankind.

The manipulative effect is one that I hate, especially if it’s delivered covertly and sneakily.

Marketing is my enemy. When they practice the concepts of covertly manipulating the public through the studies, whether scientific or popularity based. They live by manipulations. The more they do, the more power they get.

The business based on manipulations of the people is a dark business, and are always guarding their privacies, while they’re invading our privacies. They think they’ve a God given right to invade our privacies. The word privacy is defined as our personal data being secluded from prying eyes… whether state run govts, or corporations.

It’s late, and I need to go to bed so I can wake with clarity.


Debates and Freedoms

Well it’s election day night and Trump won. I’m not too happy. I would’ve been more pleased to have Gary Johnson come from behind to upset the grid of politics. That won’t happen. When he wasn’t included in the debates. Talk about a rigged system.

We have two parties to choose from, and those two parties control all aspects of the elections. It seems so cold war enemy like. The party is in control.

It’s strange that we call them “parties”, cause they bring such disappointment rather than fun times. It’s a party, that I would rather not attend.