Digital Assistants

— Digital Assistants —


Siri, Google Now, Cortana, and host of other technologies that invade our home, saying they’re bettering our lives, but I beg to differ.

These technologies have a veil over them and we find out what they do over time, as we explore their power and become hooked like addicts. If we knew the powers they seek, before we bought them. The invasions of our privacy that they feel they have a right to… one example the Samsung debacle selling what they record to a third party. I guess you didn’t know that I said record. If they can record, then who’s to say they aren’t recording, whenever they want.

I’m a die hard paranoid schizo, partly sane and articulative, but I’ll let the videos do the talking, instead of writing a long boring tedious narrative that no ones reads… videos seem to capture your attention. They ain’t my videos…but I found them on youtube.

I learned a new word on this next video FOMO, which means Fear of missing Out.

I see that as a propagandist’s tool, everything social is a propagandist’s tool, we’re dealing with marketing people who make their living by manipulating the public with propaganda… but I digress.



Then there is this video from DARPA talking about the progressions of the future, and touching upon manipulations of the populations, though they deny it. The classic denialists defensive position… denial of all the facts. He seems like a nice guy, but I seem like a nice guy too.



We teach our children to acquire digital devices to be their toys, and we grow from a simple to a complicated life. It’s a sad life that we don’t enjoy unless we spoil ourselves with fulfilling our pleasures, rather than disciplining ourselves and denying our pleasures.

I’m seeking a more balanced life, but it seems unbalanced gone wild… and like a unbalanced wheel on a car that wobbles uncontrollably at a certain speed where you wear the wheel abnormally. The kids are raised without the sense of right and wrong as their focal point, we need to check the machines we hire as babysitters, it wastes their minds. The mind is filled with emotional and spiritual sides rather than strictly technological sides.

We need to raise them right, not immerse them in technology that is created to amaze them.



All the digital assistants don’t make it right, they just rudely interrupt you, and it becomes a bad habit that you attain too. I watched many videos, about technology that I chose not to show you, they were interesting but not the subject of digital assistants.

Technological assistants such as Siri, Cortana, etc. seem good and take a form that will be like a person, like HAL 9000 from the 2001 Space Odyssey movie. That movie was made in 1968 and we as kids went to see it, and I fell asleep. There was no action… with the special FX of today’s movies.

I like to think I’m a better person for it, not becoming a zombie constantly overwhelmed with distractions with the different various devices of today’s society. I feel sorry for the kids being programmed to serve the profits of corporations, and not aware of their own lives.

Amazement has weird properties, it makes the ignorant more ignorant, and tidbits of knowledge about the subject of amazement makes them feel they know everything there is to know, which makes them more ignorant

There is a good and just balance with humanity and technology, but that has taken a back seat to the drivings of Profit… profit is the worst balancer to pick to balance things, profit is only concerned with the elite’s pockets, and takes a bias stance.

I’m not anti-technology, but I see the priorities discombobulated to make no sense, I would like to see it to make more sense, as it should be.