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What is GOD?

  I Wonder! I‘ve been wondering about God all my life, and I’ve come to the conclusion that God, is everyone alive and dead, and righteousness is his way, cause everything the devil does is evil, and he’s the darkside of God. I came from the Catholic indoctrination, the NYC Catholicism, cause I find the …

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Media Programming the Public, is a sort of Brainwashing

Brainwashing or News   We develop info and data onto ourselves in a continuous loop… like a constant repetitive brainwashing system. Like a cellphone, we are constantly looking at to feel intelligent. I’d like to bring to your mind the techniques I’ve come to understand about the media, and their use of dramas to captivate …

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Determinism and Free Will…they Both Exist!

Determinism and Free Will   Life is itself, an illusion. Those things that make up that illusion, are illusions in themselves. We all live in our little bubbles. Free will exists as an illusion of choice, and determinism is the devil’s tool of testing. You can fight the testing by making a choice, or you …

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Modern Marketing : Thorn in my Side

Barbed Wires

The Devil’s Marketing Practices Modern Marketing techniques is vast and dangerous. They take the form of what’s trending in society and take it as their own form of property, and then try to sell it to you, but you don’t know, that you already own it. It was given to you by the grace of …

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What I’m Thankful For :


— What I’m Thankful For : Everything —   I‘m thankful for family and friends, and the love they let me share and take. I like to give more, than I take.   I‘m thankful for the last few days, and I went to the store, and someone I never met, or even asked her name, …

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Sexual Understanding: A day of Discovery

sexual understanding

— Sexual Understanding: A day of Discovery —   Sexual understanding is the first step towards the awakening. It’s a shaky lifelong staircase, but once it’s understood, its solid ground. The understanding, if it’s true, will be your strength. When all else fails around you. Sexual understanding is the awakening of your core. It comes …

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Organized Religions : it’s the Devil’s Tools

organized religions

— Organized Religions : it’s the Devil’s Tools —   I‘m not against organized religions, but they take the face of the devil all too often. Distortions of the truth, serves their agendas. Christianity is the biggest culprit in my book, along with all the other Abrahamic religions. Judaism, and Islamism too. They serve their …

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The Mind of Tomidjah … It’s Dark and Bright


— The Mind of Tomidjah … It’s Dark and Bright —   I feel like the twisters in this soul of Tomidjah, is tearing me apart. I’m an egocentric narcissist right now. I’m sworn to truth before God. It takes a toll on my body and my mind, which is me in total. The weather …

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We’re Here to Connect… To What is What I Question


— We’re Here to Connect… To What is What I Question —   I saw this Trailer Collateral Beauty. Though I don’t know what it’s about. The quote “we’re here to connect”, left me questioning, to what?     I‘m left to assume the story by the preview with my imagination. Imaginations can lie, or …

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Chip Card VS Old Card : A Step Backward

— Chip Card VS Old Cards : A Step Backward —     I swiped the credit card and was immediately notified I had a chip card by the machine. So I had to leave my chip card in the machine through the whole transaction of checking out. Where with the old cards, once I …

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Alone We Are Weak and Fragile

— Alone We Are Weak and Fragile, But Together we Are Invincible —     Alone I’m fragile and weak, but with the like minded, I’m an unstoppable force of change. That’s why I’m a hermit. I would do more damage than blessings to the world, I’m a monster in hiding. A cute cuddly monster …

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Auld Lang Syne

— Auld Lang Syne  : in other words “old long since” —   Auld Lang Syne is a song derived from a poem from Robert Burns that was set to music. It was brought to my mind by Caroline Schaff, replacing Guy Lombardo this year.     This was a nice stroll down memory lane …

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— Religions : Their Extremities —     Religions are mankind born, depicting their own understandings of a deity that claims it decides their own fate, and they impose their narrowminded views of that deity that is born out of their conjectures and assumptions. Thus I’m not talking of any one religion over another, I’m …

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Light and Dark

— Light and Darkness : the Contrast that Details the Big Picture —   The two extremes brings the picture alive with details, that are lost with too much light, or too much darkness. When there is balance in the view between the two extremes, the details jump out at you, giving a clear view …

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The Story of War

— The Story of War —   The story of war, was thought of before mankind was ever present on this world. It was a dark day, when they thought up the theory of conflict, and how to enact it. It had many aspects including deceptions, which gave its momentum to spread throughout the world. …

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Copyright Parasites

— Copyright Parasites —     Sony,WMG,etc etc… They seem to clog up the youtube traffic from playing on other sites. They must have youtube scripts that must have the traffic sniffing on youtube servers, so goes youtube’s reputation.   “YouTube is a video-sharing website”   What happened to the sharing freely, they are tying …

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Consequences of Anger

— Consequences of Anger —   Anger, the devil in the details of human nature, it covers everything wrong with America, and globally in the World. It makes us retreat into denial or arguments of defense, cause we feel threatened with our insecurities. It also doesn’t help when you battle depression either, you are totally …

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Music ain’t everything

— Music ain’t everything —   Music is love and hatred, but it’s not everything. You can misuse music to manipulate the masses, a practice used by the music industry, since I was born. It sets up a conglomerate of like minded people through a facade music for their profit, the conglomerates profits, but they …

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5 things you don’t know about Satan

— 5 things you don’t know about Satan —   Five things you don’t know about Satan, I see him as a sore loser with a bad attitude. Really he is more in the bible than he has different names. No one can capture the making of him better than God, God made him like …

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