Consequences of Anger

— Consequences of Anger —


Anger, the devil in the details of human nature, it covers everything wrong with America, and globally in the World. It makes us retreat into denial or arguments of defense, cause we feel threatened with our insecurities.

It also doesn’t help when you battle depression either, you are totally lost.

I’m totally lost tonight. I’m angry at everything I see on the internet, cause I’m depressed, which makes me more angrier, feeding the depression in a whirlwind of confusions.

I try to talk myself out of it, and try writing the blog, but I find it, more and more spinning,  trying to grab hold of something solid, trying to find a foothold to spring off like a deer in retreat… but to no avail.

The consequences of anger are the scenes I just described, they leave me in decrepit lumps that are ready to crumble at the first sign of concerned movement. Concern is a troubling force that annoys me, it’s a sign of the end. I smile at other peoples concerns, and mask my depression with happiness… which makes me a phony and feeds the depression again and again.

Depression and Anger is like an unbalanced wheel, they feed each other while they roll through this life. It’s like road rage all the time driving through this life, you can’t escape it, unless you see a tire specialist that will apply the love weights to balance the wheel.

I digress to the silliness of love to lift the depressed soul, to get another step towards higher ground from this dark canyon of anger and depression. I’m wandering through the dark language of English with metaphors and analogies trying to understand my predicament.

Though I felt good in rattling with silly love, it’s sparkles and lights the way… much better than the seriousness of logic.

So if you are fighting depression, then don’t take life so seriously… don’t be complacent in your silliness, but be aware of your surroundings, just don’t take it so serious, like I am right now.

I’ll close with two songs, cause I’ve had enough sharing my dark heart tonight… these songs make the way for tomorrow to be brighter.