5 things you don’t know about Satan

— 5 things you don’t know about Satan


Five things you don’t know about Satan, I see him as a sore loser with a bad attitude.

Really he is more in the bible than he has different names. No one can capture the making of him better than God, God made him like God made us.

 Isaiah 45:7 “ I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

At least of the words written down by Isaiah an ancient Jewish prophet, but then only God’s words were by the  spirit, they were in their heads, I wasn’t there back then, so I’m only speculating, but from my experiences with God, God’s spirit speaks in my thoughts, that is, when I seek God.

I have many worldly thoughts that God is not a part of, that is usually when I sin, you can sin in the thinking too. You get angry at the world, and you curse them into everlasting hell. That is the biggest sin I have done, it causes me to live in hell on this world with this life of mine.

But I digress into my ego, like a turtle goes into his shell. The reason I addressed this tonight, it gives a bigger picture of a being, that is like a shape-shifter, that’s never the same in any situation. He could be a possessed politician that lies for the sake of lying, and he’s oblivious to the nature of his lying, or simple fool begging for money possessed with judgments of the society.

Two very different extremes, but of the same spirit.

Mankind is oblivious to the nature of the spiritual existence in this world, sure there are gurus who say otherwise, and show some signs and wonders in their knowledge of it, but they’re incomplete, as all our knowledge is of God.

If we knew God, we’d be dead…and even then we don’t know anymore about God, or if we meet God face to face, or like this life we have to seek God some more. If that’s the case, then I’d like to be a step up and see more, so that I feel like I’m getting somewhere, and not have the hunger for giving up.

Satan, is just an overly cynical being that is never satisfied with the answers we give him, he challenges our answers with doubt again and again. So like Jesus, I say get behind me Satan, and go on ignoring his lying and doubting ways, and trying to achieve whatever God wants me to achieve, cause it’s a mystery to me too.

I’m doing good, to the best of my knowledge, there are times I’ve been mislead by Satan, cause I made an enemy of him long ago, but by my faith is in God that Satan will never destroy me, he can pick on me, but with each tactic he encapsulates himself in a trap set by God, I’m the cheese in the mousetrap.

It’s a worldly trap I use to illustrate a heavenly trap.

I don’t know what God is going to do with Satan, all I know he is not going to be happy with it.

So when you meet Satan in your travels, he’s in the world trying to pass off fears on the unsuspecting in the world today with terrorist plots, and lies to feed those plots that grow from the lies that’s nutrients for the plots, it’s like a weed that grows in the pots of fear, so when you meet him smile at him and let him know that you’re on to him.

Go on and live your life without fear, there is a fine line between beneficial fear and detrimental fear, detrimental fear is fueled by lies or suspicions, beneficial fear is fueled by observations, such as a hot stove.

Just live your life joyously, and don’t listen to the father of lies.