— Religions : Their Extremities —




Religions are mankind born, depicting their own understandings of a deity that claims it decides their own fate, and they impose their narrowminded views of that deity that is born out of their conjectures and assumptions. Thus I’m not talking of any one religion over another, I’m talking of every religion born on this planet Earth.

If God created this planet, then God is the Lord of hosts, and an other word for Galaxies, is Hosts too.

I don’t know what God is, but I know that God is real. The things said from my religion, is that “God is spirit” , and in my understanding of spirit, is that it’s a medium, that we all use when we think and dream.


We live in fantasies, you are in a pool of spirit, it’s a fluid that we swim in, and when we dream our dreams, we swim in that waterlike medium.

We decide with a tubelike fame to keep us afloat, yet there are temptations to seek it… look at all the fame reality shows on the TV today, like American Idol, America’s Got Talent, The Voice, etc..

These are the dreams with the arts, and that is only a microscopic part of humanity’s aspects of dreams, and fame being only a microscopic part, of the microscopic part of humanity’s dreams.


The thinking aspect is where “understanding” lives, and confusion inhabits it too, thinking is like diving in the real world. Where you go into the depths of the oceans, well, the spirit is an ocean of knowledge, full of confusions and enlightenments too.

Enlightenments we make into sacraments and adorn them with awards, if you study mankind, then you witness the awarding nature of humanity. They have a hunger to award someone with an honor, albeit some of those awards are flatteries and falsities, but they feed the ego, which is just as mysterious as the spirit.


The spirit to me is as a vast as the oceans of the world, and what covers in the depths of it, which we don’t know what’s there, we can only explore, and only come up with conjectures and assumptions of what’s there, everyday we realize how much of the world’s creatures, that we don’t know yet exists.

The same with the spirit, we haven’t come up with an understandable definition yet, only scary ghosts or religious marvels, they all have mysterious definitions, there’s nothing that’s understandable, well to the simple and common people.


Religions are God’s cages, it’s an understanding of God that we lock up, so everyone can witness it, the only thing wrong with that, we make up idols to sell, and we replace the understanding with idols. If we understood and appreciated the understanding, then we would have no need of a shallow reminders called the idols.

God is not a freak side show, that you have to buy a ticket for, God is much more than that.

God deals with everyone on their own level of understanding. It’s like experts and the ignorant people, the experts talk, and the ignorant fall asleep in boredom, cause the experts talk and do not teach. Their ego is self magnifying and doesn’t have the time to explain the terminologies they use, they are ignorant of their audience.

Well, God is not ignorant, and God talks to each of us individually, cause God makes us a part of God by my religion. The breath of God was breathed into us and we became a living being or soul.

I’m only sharing what I learned from my religion, and with my religion, which I left practicing at 15-16 years old, and which I was brought back to at 19 years old. I believed I was going to hell, but I learned that it was all fairy tales or Grimm tales that we were told to keep us in a controllable box.

It was a primitive understanding, of a greater understanding… it was just parables that compared what’s on the world’s understandings, with heavenly things understandings, or earthly traps understandings.

I was so deceived by myself in the end, and I had no one to blame. They only shared what they understood of the great spirit with their narrow views of their religion’s views. When you look through a microscope, you miss the whole picture… you need the microscope view, but you need to view the whole picture too.

I went through a series of tests and trials to discover a whole new existence, and it’s more mysterious than what was understood before. You never know it all, there is so much of what you don’t know, that’ll amaze you every time you look at it.


We have extremes in every religion that seeks to truly understand God, since God is in every religion. God is the commonality in all religions. Yet every religion describes a different God, but all the monotheistic religions may be just realizing that God is so big and vast, and that maybe what you’re looking at is just a small piece of God, and all of your conjectures and assumptions that make up your religion’s dogmas and traditions, are just a different view of what God is.

Polytheistic religions maybe that all of your gods in all your religions they make up the great spirit… and your understanding is just a microscopic part of the whole picture… look at a skin cell on the back of your hand, and focus on it, you have to have 20-20 vision to do that, you focus on it, you realize that it’s a brick in the wall of skin. It’s a part of your hand, that is a part of your arm, that is a part of the body, and so on and so on.


Maybe my words are full of my feet, I stuck in my mouth continuously, I found many times that I’ve been wrong, and confessing your wrongs I found it’s hard to do. Your pride is continuously fighting you, because it means that humbleness must be the dominant one, which would be pride’s defeat, and pride is a proud one that doesn’t like to surrender.

Atheists have their own point of view, they are more realists, meaning if they can’t see it or measure it, they don’t believe it exists… but I ask them how did they come up with that theory, was it an act of faith, to come up with that conclusion.

We all have faith that must be enacted on, faith has many definitions. My religion is based on faith and belief, and I don’t understand it, but as my life goes on, I go by faith, and the more I understand of things that I believe. Faith only leads to more understanding.

Religions are many trying to explain the force that powers all of life that lives on this planet. There is a great unexplainable spirit that supplies the power/energy to this world’s life beings. Religions have to deal with their narrowminded egos, and are in a continuous battle with them, like Job in the bible was in a continuous battle with his own ego, where the devil was continuously testing him, and Job’s testing is all of ours, to a different degree depending on your love of God.

We love the unexplainable by faith, cause we take life as we see it. We don’t understand what we see, which would make it unexplainable, yet we fear death, and love life… yet we can’t explain life. The metaphysical side of life, but we appreciate that it exists.


That is God to me, God is a lifeforce, that shares God’s existence with everyone alive, whether it’s in this galaxy, or another galaxy in another part of this universe that is blind to us now. I believe in science and atheism to a point, but it’s only a part of the truth, it’s not the whole truth.

God is mysterious and never can be explained, it requires the boxing of the whole universe into a narrowminded box. I’ve thought about it most of my life, and that may be my problem with my mental health, I feel like I’m going mad trying to capture God in my understanding, that can be articulated to another… the only thing with that attitude, it’s madness burning alone, and not shining with understanding, but burning into ash with confusion.

It may be inspirational leading to another understanding that inspires in the future…

All I wanted to is to go deep into the oceans of this world and the spiritual worlds, and bring some understanding and not confusion to you, to bring you further away from the extremes of understandings of God.


Remember God is Spirit!

We are mortal beings that are like parasites to God, or helpful beings to God… we live by conjectures and assumptions, and by faith we find out if our assumptions are wrong, and we must change our views and beliefs of this world.

God is mysterious, and doesn’t hide that fact from us… and it’s by faith that we find out about God.

God doesn’t give you what you can’t handle, the only thing is God decides on what you can’t handle… your prayers to God, helps God to decide that.

God is different to everyone, whether religious dogmas form the image you see of God, or not.

God is a spiritual being, and connects everyone, with everyone else. It’s a massive and vast thought to understand, as vast as the universe, and we only know about a tenth of our own the Solar system’s make up, and we first stepped into the outer limits of our solar system. What we’ll find out there is beyond my imagination, heck we don’t even know what’s to know on the earth yet.

There are dangers to conjectures and assumptions of the unknown, remember the madness of the Inquisitions in the medieval period of our history, with torture and witch trials… let’s not repeat those mistakes. We are reliving that time with daesh(IS) debacles and the beheadings, and the madness with the military bombings passing judgment at whims, it’s repeating history over and over again.

We can’t even define spirit to satisfy everyone, it only brings up more questions, that needs to be answered and understood, and history repeats itself over and over again.

Hopefully with a little more grace this time,… forgiveness is the way to understanding.