Light and Dark

— Light and Darkness : the Contrast that Details the Big Picture —


lightning-552038_640The two extremes brings the picture alive with details, that are lost with too much light, or too much darkness.

When there is balance in the view between the two extremes, the details jump out at you, giving a clear view of the details, and you understand with clarity, that was once clouded by the biasness before. Overly bright or overly dark, where the details were lost in biasedness, and now they are clear.


My mind is dark now, and I don’t see the questions to clearly, or the answers to those questions. Anger brings the darkness, like the clouds of a thunderstorm. Cursing in frustration throwing bolts of anger, and the cursing is the sound of thunder.

Thunderstorms seem beautiful to me, not the lightnings and thunder, but the rain. The lightnings and thunder seem a little too much, but there is the beauty in the rain, which feeds the planet with new life growth. Think about it, if you didn’t have the rain, nothing would grow.

Without the sunshine, nothing would grow either, well dark things would grow.


The devil’s in the details is the saying, but not in the details of life, well the darkside of life. God created him too, at least the myth of him. Mythical is all of life, and we’re just an illusion, or a delusion. It sounds mysterious now, but someday you’ll understand… I don’t even understand it myself now.

I hope it’s sooner, rather than later… the treasures of light and dark.