What I’m Thankful For :

— What I’m Thankful For : Everything —


thankfulI‘m thankful for family and friends, and the love they let me share and take. I like to give more, than I take.


I‘m thankful for the last few days, and I went to the store, and someone I never met, or even asked her name, but offered to push the cart around the store for me. She said she had time and was just hanging out. But I never asked her name… I hope she has a wonderful Thanksgiving.


I‘m thankful to Adapt Solutions for the design of the XL seat, but I want to suggest a design improvement. Make the motor, and spindle that raises the seat, with mounts that are adjustable to move it whatever the angle would better fit the van. Just steel sliders and angle adjustments is all you need. It would be a major plus to the design.
There also needs to be patent reforms to make it run smoothly, too many conflicting patents and senseless fees. You know how to design something, just because someone designed it first… they own the patent. Its like a game of King of the hill.


I‘m thankful for VA pension that comes every month, and keeps increasing with the cost of living increases. It started out at $1800 + $600 for the housing aid, and over 40 years has increased to over $7200 per month now. I’m spoiled and growing more spoiled.
I like to give the surpluses away, cause I don’t need so much. There is so many, that need it more. I’m going to die, as every the one is going to die too. I don’t want full pockets to weigh me down.
Saving for emergencies is prudent and good, but savings to be miserly and cheap is bad, cause what you saved, you will pay more in the future with fixing the cheap thing. I learned that from life, which I’m also thankful for.


Conclusion of a thought of Thankfulness

I‘m thankful to be alive and share the air with everyone, but there are way too many people that have different ideas on the way to share. They don’t want to share power or wealth, but they pay me tax free. I want to breathe or not, it makes no difference to me.

I was willing to commit suicide over 40 years ago, and then I met God, or a messenger from God. The Spirit of God speaks to us inside, and we only associate an image to the voice with our imaginations. Which has proven to be a storyteller and a liar, it can lead to truth, but it’s mostly wild and free. The devil has free speech/reign in our imaginations too. God created him too.

We choose our steps to truth or lies. It’s the way God designed it. We have free will, and I’m eternally grateful for that also.

I’ve grown closer, and farther from God, through my repentant and sinful times.

The duality of mankind, the reason we die. We are at war between/within ourselves, and causes the diseases, and stress that lead to bad health and aging. I’m grateful for the experience.

Though I’ve done wrong, and caused heartache from what some people have said.

Anyway, I’ve made it a point to end this dribble on a Kansas musical good note… I’m thankful for the chance to make my music. My only joys, and escape from this cruel world. It just brought me pain, cause no one liked it. I’m before my time, or later than I think, or I just don’t have musical talent. Whatever it is, I’m just thankful for having tried.

I’m thankful for my time in Rain Studio with Lynn Voorhees, Mike McFee, and Eric Wetmore and the music we made together… all the good memories. They seem so long ago, when it was barely 20 years ago. A drop in the bucket to God’s time.

If the next 20 years was like the last 20 years, I’ll be thankful… I could only hope for better though.


When The Wind Blows

The Spring Will Come

Over the Sea