Copyright Parasites

— Copyright Parasites —




Sony,WMG,etc etc… They seem to clog up the youtube traffic from playing on other sites. They must have youtube scripts that must have the traffic sniffing on youtube servers, so goes youtube’s reputation.


“YouTube is a video-sharing website”


What happened to the sharing freely, they are tying up artists to fit in their little box, when the artist is to be freely flying.

They are like the cages in freak side shows training the artists to sing what they want them to sing, rather than the artist to choose what they want to sing, and tying them up and their songs to play the venues that they setup to exploit at their will, and any other sharing is prohibited by contract.

This reminds me of the devil with the contract to sign to sell your soul to the devil, it’s like you’re going to work for the devil in the afterlife… then why am I limited in this life… if he vies for power in the afterlife, then why is he vying for power in this modern life.

All you corporations who sign a contract, remember where you got your power in the first place. You reap what you sow, and your futures are not looking too good, right now.

If it was the artist that made the decisions, then parasites would be too strong a word, but it fits a more securely in the definition, they feed off of their discoveries like a parasite, they see a talent and look to corrupt them and exploit them, till there in no more talent to suit their agenda.


plural noun: parasites
  1. an organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host’s expense.


I‘ve known this from my start in music, I wasn’t nothing to talk about, but I wanted to reveal all the truth about the music industry for the parasites they are… it’s true many serve the music, but where there is love of money there is corruption and egos running wild.
I needed to vent on this tonight, and I’ll leave your spirit to reveal the rest.