We’re Here to Connect… To What is What I Question

— We’re Here to Connect… To What is What I Question —


I saw this Trailer Collateral Beauty. Though I don’t know what it’s about. The quote “we’re here to connect”, left me questioning, to what?



I‘m left to assume the story by the preview with my imagination. Imaginations can lie, or reveal the truth. It’s one’s hope to living.

I can imagine all things, but unless I’m connected to the ruler of the world, I’m always disappointed. I don’t commune with the devil, cause he’s in charge of this world. God rules over him, but God is silent. God lets us talk, and choose.

Though many artists speak of flattery of God, I’ve been known to do that too. Speak of God with all the glory, that God needs me as a cheerleader. Alas, when I listen to empty preachers with their heads up God’s butt. I know their words are filled with God’s farts. They stink to high heaven.


I connect to the spirit of God, not to the ruler of this world.

Rulers of this world only have powers of the flesh to give out. Money, doesn’t buy eternal happiness. God has the power over that. World rulers are given scripts. That they read to the public, and seek their votes and support, but they are all lies. Like an actor is given a script to read some fictional role, and perform it like it’s real. That is all rulers are, political performers.

I could’ve been a performer, but I shy away from performing. It’s the reason I never succeeded in music. I enjoyed creating musical pieces in the studio, but I never thrived in the performance field.


Connection with the Darkness, instead of the Light

I always sought the light, and shied away from the darkness. Though he/she(darkness) was always truthful to a point. Where they weren’t responsible, but were an outright liar to the detriment of others.

That’s enough said about the rulers of this world, and all who serve the money. I see them as a servant, or in another view as a prisoner, where we serve their richest whims like slaves.

It’s a little depressing, the views of my mind, but I feel freer, the more depressed I am. I want to share with you my freedoms, rather than the delusions. Delusions give power to the matrix, freedoms bring truth to the matrix, and usurp their power.

Also, free you, to see the truth, instead of delusions that manipulate you.

I’ll let you decide how you see it… I’m not a marketeer trying to sell you something. I’m here to shine the light that I’ve been given…however dim it is.