Music ain’t everything

— Music ain’t everything —


Music is love and hatred, but it’s not everything. You can misuse music to manipulate the masses, a practice used by the music industry, since I was born. It sets up a conglomerate of like minded people through a facade music for their profit, the conglomerates profits, but they like to criticize music, even though they can’t play music. They like to sell your art, and take a portion of the profits from it.

Like all parasites do, maybe that is the natural interactions of the monster called mankind, but I see it, as con men taking what does not belong to them, in exchange for fame.



With the reality TV show madness with shows like America’s Got Talent and American Idol, it reminds me of the historical period called the Renaissance, and the internet is the new printing presses.


“The rediscovery of ancient texts and the invention of printing democratized learning and allowed a faster propagation of ideas. In the first period of Italian Renaissance, humanists favoured the study of humanities over natural philosophy or applied mathematics.”


With the all out narcissism growing wild in the world today, it makes me sad, but I know the plight of not knowing yourself, and people have to sort it out themselves, just don’t impose your confusion on others and blame God, cause God has nothing to do with it, it’s your will that your profess. The US with their War on Terror, I’m talking to,  also as the terrorists you fight.  It’s like dealing with a bunch OCD patients, that only want to hear themselves in the conversations, it doesn’t want to produce what’s right… unless it takes on an obsessive quality.

You make the wars and deal out the deaths, and you say you’re doing God’s work, well my God is the God of life, and not of death. Satan has been trying to prove to God that mankind is unworthy of life, and he’s been at war for thousands of years, and with every attempt, it is a failure, and mankind has proven over and over again he/she is worthy of life.

So Satan, deal with that…you can’t manipulate the world of swarms, there are a few who hold to their principles. You can distract them for a short time with your distractions.

Narcissism breeding shows where they breed your kind of life, and ignore the rest of the world and their interconnectedness with it. They only see the mirror of the TV, which is like a guide book, true there are very good shows, but there are very bad shows too.

OOooops, I’m following you, I’m judging. You sucked me into that.

Anyway, you’re put here to test the world, I forgot about that, but I don’t think it’s right.

God created you also, so I need not to be judgmental too.

Anyway, this went off on a tangent, I was saying music was not everything, then I went off judging the music industry, then comparing the printing presses of the Renaissance to the internet of today with the blogs and news, and then judging the Daesh with their beheadings, and then revealing the longevity of humankind,… well let’s get back to music.


This song by Anna Graceman ignited this rant with the following lyrics:

“…You don’t have to know my name
But maybe could you sing along?
I’m fueled by passion not by fame
The most important thing’s the song
Music’s life and music’s love
And it’s everywhere I am
A tune, a hum but kind of, sort of
Music’s everything I am…”


The last line is the one I have problems with, “Music’s everything I am“,  I was there, and then I’m here now. When you make everything into a song, you’re being manipulated by the Devil, Satan, causes, music industry, false agendas, etc.

It’s true that music motivates, but once the music manipulates the listener, it has an agenda, whether a nostalgic agenda or a marching off to war agenda, it has an agenda all the same. I see the talents of the world being manipulated with hidden agendas to carry, I see the agendas after the fact, but the listener is blind to the agenda, cause he/she is in the agenda.

It’s like looking at your hand, it depends on your age and your eyesight, but put it against your nose, so you can see the backside of your hand. When I was young and in school I had 20-20 vision, and saw the different cells stitched together as a wall forming the skin, put far away it was just a hand. It depends on our perceptions.

It was a wall of immeasurable cells, but farther away it was one hand. When you’re in the song, it’s made up of the audience in your mind, but after the fact it’s your fan base, which might be different from the ones you dreamed up in your mind, than you imagined them to be… lets just say, it isn’t what you expected.

It never is sometimes, when you’re rocking the boat with the truth…if you created the waves of truth hitting the boat, then it’s your fault, but when it’s created by waves of lies, there is a storm that creates waves of truth, and you’re only fighting to stay afloat.

Up close with the song, your audience is your mind, but farther away it’s your fan base.

The question to you, is your fan base true or bought.

I’m cursed into deepness with the hunger everyone hates, the hunger to know it all.

I enjoyed music most of all, but I’ve forgotten what a joy it once was, and it brought me much joy in playing it… before the the thirst of fame, entered the picture, then it was all down hill.

I didn’t have any talent that was worth anything, but I loved the musical ideas that I came up with, sucked at singing, but the musical mistakes marveled me that I tried to repeat them, and came up with a song, that I ruined with attempting to sing with an agenda.

Words are the poisons and sweetnesses of life, some are cruel and true, some are false and sweet , but they’re only words and they have an agenda, music without words have an agenda too. Music fuels the moods or calms the moods. Music fuels the mood to move and partake in the social scenes, or it’s relaxing like some classical music is.

Music is Good, but music is Bad also, it depends on your perspective. Are you so close to the song, that you only see your audience in the mind, and not in your fan base? Perspectives are the key, they can change in an instant, with a blink of an eye.

I feel like a whale that has dived in the deep sea, I need to breach… Music isn’t everything, there is so much more.