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HYPE Deceives

Marketing Hype Deceives, at it’s whims. I was deceived by my own assumptions of Studio One 6, that Audio files dragged out passed the limit of the audio files, was looping, but I had to make a MIDI pattern first to loop it. There maybe another way to convert it to an audio looping file, …

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MPC Live2 vs MPC Beats (Software DAW)

I received the MPC box hardware yesterday, and loaded and installed the MPC Beats software today. I received the used MPC Live2 yesterday, and I needed to reacquaint myself to the MPC Beats, I downloaded in January of 2023, but now I know more about it… it’s a sample based editing system… instead of a …

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DAW Choice for NOW

Studio ONE 6, For Now at Least. I think I picked Studio One 6 by PreSonus. It seems to work with my workflow style, and it seems easy and works well with MPC devices, and even VST plugins with the Equator synth software… Well, I don’t know if it works with the Equator, but I …

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What does MPC mean?

MPC MIDI Production Center So, the basic language is MIDI, and everything connects through the MIDI language, and it is not very intuitive, it’s like learning a new verbal language, for example French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, etc., it requires tech knowledge and dialects too. It takes another approach to music production, rather than the digital …

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We Wait in the Dark

Then Morning to a New Day Comes I guess the darkness passes too, and the sun shines on the new day, or a gentle rain waters the plants in your environment… I like the gentle rains without winds, like in a storm… but sometimes you have to face them without fear, and they will pass …

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Roland FA-06 With Sampling Keyboard

roland fa-06

— Roland FA-06 With Sampling Keyboard —       Multitrack MIDI and Sampler digital audio, the FA-06 opens doors to the development of future designs. Rather than the maniacal hype designs of constantly switching menu pages, with different layers of control, Roland has setup a more user friendly intuitive design. Where you could setup …

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REAPER DAW : What I was looking for


— REAPER DAW : What I was looking for —   I was looking for a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that was similar to Vegas. Well, I did. Someone mentioned it to me a couple of years ago, but I blew it off as another crap attempt. It still lacks the video robustness, it seems …

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Goodbye to Reason8 and Hello to Acid7

— Goodbye to Reason8 and Hello to Acid7 —   I tried to work with Reason8, and the limitations on where the recordings are going was like… I’m writing another post “things that annoy me about Reason8”, so I got tired of waiting to authorize it, which I finally did after a couple of weeks, …

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Cleansing Our Perceptions unboxing Roli

cleansing our perceptions

— Cleansing Our Perceptions unboxing Roli Seaboard Rise — Update: I unboxed the Roli a week ago, and I haven’t heard what it can do, since the Roli doesn’t put in the package, the DVD with the Software of 2.5GB Equator Software on it. It doesn’t have the software on the machine and uses the …

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I bought a New Musical Instrument

seaboard rise musical instrument

— I bought a New Musical Instrument —   I bought a keyboard that I can lay on my lap, and I can get expressive, as I can, to get the sounds I’m hearing. I always dreamed of this instrument. It has the presets inside that come with a synthesizer, so it requires no midi …

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The Hackers have exponentially Grown

hackers - young is vigorous, old is decrepit

— The Hackers have exponentially Grown —   Hackers have exponentially grown, the bad hackers and the good hackers. I’ll use the term hackers as forces, but not the what the term usually means… the technological savvy looking for back doors into software and OS’s. There are dark hackers and light hackers, the number of …

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