The Hackers have exponentially Grown

— The Hackers have exponentially Grown —


Hackers have exponentially grown, the bad hackers and the good hackers.

I’ll use the term hackers as forces, but not the what the term usually means… the technological savvy looking for back doors into software and OS’s.

There are dark hackers and light hackers, the number of the technological savvy people, even though many claim they are technological savvy, they are no more technological savvy then script kiddies, where the program is the delusional talker.

Which I am… I talk big, but I’m small and full of delusions.

Which everyone on this planet is, you know the knowledge, and you think you know it all, but you know only what you see, and assume the rest.

Which makes you a fool in denial, of that fact.

The technologically knowledgeable know how to get around the logic gates of a computer with algorithms, but in real life the logic gates of the real world baffle them, unless they do something criminal to get around that, and you wonder why corruption is running rampant in the real world.


Machines cause Stress

I need to vent today, and will not use any of the youtube videos in this post.

I’ll talk of what’s been bothering me today and all the last couple of weeks, in fact, namely the hackers, the good and the bad.

The numbers of the technological savvy have increased exponentially the last decade, and it continues to grow.

I bought my first PC in 1984 and was marveled about how much I didn’t know about it, but was amazed of how much it could do. I used it for music composing primarily with MIDI, I did analog tape of audio, till the 1990’s when the DAW craze hit the scene, but I eventually saw the promises of word processing software, instead of typewriters… it was a new world.

I battled with my ego all of my life, which is the biggest deceiver of mankind, and also the biggest enlightener with the truth. It’s like a battlefield where old ideas die and new ones are reborn with a new understanding, like a baby that you nurture and protect.

The human mind is the model that the PC was designed after, so we are basically a virtual computer, and much, much more… which technology can’t explain, and it shouldn’t, or it will control us.

Domination and control, the things technology was designed for. We should be aware of the things we want to control with technology, cause it’s so subtle it will look to control us, if we aren’t aware of it.


Modern TVs

We would be lost without a TV remote nowadays, I remember having to get up and change the channels by turning a 12 VHF channel, with a UHF section that had 37 additional channels dial on the TV, and also turning it off by pushing an on/off button on the TV, but nowadays you have a remote where you don’t have to move, and vegetate by pushing buttons to your heart’s content.

To receive digital TV signals from all stations, it is important that your antenna be able to receive both VHF channels (channels 2-13) and UHF channels (channels 14-51).


The old days were so hard, but they were more alive than today.

We were more ignorant then, but more wise, then we became more knowledgeable, and more foolish. We face more shit when we learn more knowledge. Knowledge doesn’t measure wisdom, it only measures the weight you carry. It’s what you do with that weight you carry, that measures wisdom.

If you are venting with what you know, then you start a blog with WordPress… which I did… I’m not too wise.


Talking From Machines


Talking From Machines

There’s a world of machines
Begging for someone to dream their dreams
They’d like to take you out and make you see the world outside
as they’d like it to be

They’re talking from machines
They’re living in your dreams
They want you to see the world
That they want you to see
They’re talking from machines

Carjacking on the information highway
lifting you up, taking you somewhere you’ve never been
Viewing something else that you never saw before
The one thing I know is true
I’m still there with you
I’m still there with you

They’re talking from machines
They’re living in your dreams
They’re waking you with morning
from another machine dream
They’re talking from machines
They’re talking from machines

Every night when you turn on the TV
You say you want to get some relief
Peace of love some peace of mind
its what is really inside of you

We can feel, you can feel

 They’re talking from machines
They’re living in your dreams
desensitization from the fears
that you breathe
They’re talking from machines
They’re talking from machines

Innocence in the eyes of one
Life that breathes, the setting sun
one or the other has their eyes on you
you’re wondering why the world’s so blue
You always find the way to see
The glass half full, well it’s half empty too, you

They’re talking from machines
They’re living in your dreams
They want you to see that they’re living from the heart
They’re walking all over you with opinions that they breathe

They’re talking from machines
They’re talking from machines


Last Word from the Machines

This is talking about the mainstream media with their teleprompters, and another abstract form of MSM that will be revealed soon. Hopefully before I die, but maybe the future.