Cleansing Our Perceptions unboxing Roli

— Cleansing Our Perceptions unboxing Roli Seaboard Rise —

Update: I unboxed the Roli a week ago, and I haven’t heard what it can do, since the Roli doesn’t put in the package, the DVD with the Software of 2.5GB Equator Software on it. It doesn’t have the software on the machine and uses the software and oscillators on the laptop. Which depressed me even more that they didn’t include a DVD with software with a stable version of the program, so at least when I receive the Seaboard Rise I wasn’t so disillusioned with disappointments of what’s not there. I guess I needed to do more research of the Seaboard Rise.

Eventually I’ll hear what it can do, Plus I came down with a bug for a couple of days and was fighting a mild fever for 3 days. I’m just saying assumptions birth expectations, which are disappointing delusions.  If I knew it wasn’t a real synth, I wasted $800 on a delusional dream. Which makes me even more depressed, research and doubly research if you don’t want to be disappointed. I might be saying something else when I hear what it can do, but the initial unboxing experience was a nightmare, because there wasn’t a stable version of the program on DVD.


I bought a New Musical InstrumentI unboxed the Roli Seaboard Rise, and my assumptions of the Roli, was all wrong.

I’m sure there is a sure thing here, but I’m an old fashioned analog man. Not digital man, I understand the digital, but only externally. I plug in to the digital through the analog realms. When you determine I go through the digital realms with my imaginations, it’s crossing the line with my freedoms.

My assumptions have got me mad, but my assumptions were born out of your advertising Roli. What every advertiser does, is lie through their teeth, and smile while taking the bucks. You assumed, so you wear the shit robe yourself.

I grow indifferent with mankind with every assumption they tempt us with, the marketeers are my new enemies, this is another step towards my enemies. They dabble in incomplete truths that require you to assume. The Roli Seaboard Rise doesn’t have an analog audio out, that 1/4 inch jack is not an audio headphone jack, it’s a sustain pedal out.

So there is no audio out at all.

That’s should be number one on the selling point, if I knew that, I never would have bought it.


I‘m fuming when I saw this from Jason Silva Shots of Awe, it talks of cleansing our perceptions, and it brought me back down to earth. I was in a rage before this, but after I seen this, it explains my indifference with humanity. My perceptions of the world’s perceptions are different to the core, and don’t line up. Which only magnifies my indifferences, and I’m lost in my rages.



The rages extend my blood pressures, and bring me to the edge of the world, and I wish I was dead. Well, not really, but the rages are what brings me to world’s edges of sanity and insanity. I don’t feel good when I go there.

Anger rages are no one’s vacation spots, unless you like visiting volcanoes.

Well, I’m sure there is many more things I will not like about Roli Seaboard Rise, it’s not analog compatible, it’s strictly USB.

No MIDI, SPDIF, or ADAT, and no analog outs. If I knew that before I bought it, I wouldn’t have dreamed of buying it.

You sense my displeasure, I can’t even register it, it constantly puts me in a loop of constantly registering for their newsletter, I came to the login screen once or twice, I logged in and returned to the register for the newsletter. I must’ve registered 8 times. Every time I registered, I thought it was my security software, so I turned it off and the same things still happened.

So in my rages, I needed to watch this video to gain my sanity back… thanks Jason for cleansing our perceptions of the Roli Seaboard Rise. So, I blew another $800 on the digital realm, what a wonderful perception to cleanse.

I waited for this for 3 weeks, and what I got was a machine that won’t communicate with me, cause I’m strictly analog… and Roli seaboard is strictly digital. So much for the “seamless” transition of buying it and hearing it, it won’t even communicate with my laptop’s Realtek sound chips. It wants to go wireless, and I lost the drivers for the wireless.

I’m working myself up again, cleansing our perceptions, meditate, meditate, and meditate.