Well, I went back to the MPC software.

And AKAI needs work

with enabling their software.

MPC Studio 2

Click on image to read what I read, or wished I read without the iLok licensing management, and just the activation code.

The iLok license manager is a drain on the activation process, I deleted it off my system, and maybe they got offended. I tried to make an account with them, cause of a drum program I bought last year or the year before, and I was refunded by Steven Slate Drums, and all hell broke loose with the spying software iLok, and their license management… which needs to be monitored and set straight… cause it’s all over the place.

The VST plugins from iZotope uses the iLok software too, and I like the iZotope plugins, so I don’t know if their software works anymore, since I got rid of iLok software.

So, I want a software DAW, and the little hardware controller, that will work with anywhere I install it, and not stuck in the WEB of license management.

That’s big business, I’m just an artist, with simple plans to make creative music, or do some remixes of old recordings… not everyone is a big business license manager, or has a dept to handle that.
I’m not another part in the machine of BIG BUSINESS.

Cause trying to activate MPC Studio MK2 for over a week now, and moving to 2 weeks, and this is what they sent me in an Email, with pleading for rescue… and it uses the iLok license managing, which is big business licensing, and I’m lowly individual artist… and it is over my head.

I don’t want to be BIG BUSINESS… it corrupted my family first, and I don’t want to be their next appetizer.

Computer’s already corrupted me, as far as I wanted to be… but they supply my needs, and iLok is not the vacuum, I want to be sucked into… being BIG Business… cause I’m not big business’ toy.

I just got another laptop yesterday, with a bigger storage of hard drives(2TB), and 64GB of RAM, rather than the 500 GB drive, and 32GB of RAM with this laptop.

I remember the DOS command prompts, before the Windows GUI came out, but I was sick of remembering commands, and I would be a complete idiot with the Alzheimer’s disease… which is a chemical imbalance created by Big Pharma.

I’m just talking in the venting mode, and I’ll attack my problem from a clean computer, without the iLok licensing fiasco, and if it won’t let me… then I’ll surrender to the iLok, under my terms… not under their terms.

They infected my computer before, as a spy software, and caused me a world of hate and criminality… and I’m no criminal either.

I respected copyright and patents, and asked to make my paths/roads throughout the lives of the world… and so far it’s been good, but now digital money, and we know what the transference the digital realm/domain does to the capital of humanity.

It lays it on the tables of manipulations… like an image that has been digitally transferred, and the languages rewritten too. They have different meanings too, and the words are a translator’s nightmares… cause they can be misconstrued to mean something else.

I’m in waterfall of thoughts, and I’m randomly ranting… so I just wanted to share my dilemma with you… so that you know, I’m not wasting my time… rotting in my loneliness, I’m doing my best to breathe and live, but what I buy to make my life easier, is just sitting on my chest, and crushing my lungs, so I can’t breathe.

I’ll try to revive it, on another new clean laptop, and stay away from free software, cause it’s what infected me in the first place. The world of the internet, is just like the real world… cause it’s what we modeled it after… the REAL WORLD.