DAW Choice for NOW

Studio ONE 6,
For Now at Least.

I think I picked Studio One 6 by PreSonus. It seems to work with my workflow style, and it seems easy and works well with MPC devices, and even VST plugins with the Equator synth software

Well, I don’t know if it works with the Equator, but I have to make a choice, and commit to something before I die… it came with the MIDI controller from Roli, I bought my first product from Sweetwater in January 2016.

Here is a Youtube tutorial on it.

I guess I’ll buy it at the upgrade price from Studio One 4, I wonder why the Upgrade price is so high $300. They made different levels of the programs, Artist, Professional, Subscription services and fees.
I upgraded from the Artist Studio One 4, and to the Professional Studio One 6… and I’ve been with them since 2016, but I never used it professionally… it was filled with bugs, and I never felt comfortable with it.

But we need to grow up and mature, and what I see of what they became… it’s still a bit technical and over my head, I’m more the philosophical and creative side, I’m not a techy, but I can understand the techy side, they’re the physical tools side.

I’m a more a spiritual thinker, in otherwords a lazy bum… but we all have our faults/sins/mistakes sides, it is forgiving and moving on towards the light… where everyone will go in the end.

The greed being displayed on the creative software, will be our downfall… and we won’t be left with anything new to create… cause we stole it from ourselves.

Like the Ouroboros eating his own tail is greed eating itself… and all that is left, is death to look forward to.

But I digress into philosophical insights, but I try to keep it real for me and yous…and it is, what it is.