What does MPC mean?

MIDI Production Center

So, the basic language is MIDI, and everything connects through the MIDI language, and it is not very intuitive, it’s like learning a new verbal language, for example French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, etc., it requires tech knowledge and dialects too.

It takes another approach to music production, rather than the digital linear DAW door, it’s now the MIDI door, and it connects with various devices, that use the MIDI languages for communication.

It seems that every MPC devices from AKAI, has the same menus, so no matter, what MPC device you choose you can figure it out.

They need to make choice shortcuts, but I think they do, but I haven’t got the MPC live 2 yet, but I want to prepare my mind for it, for when I do.

I decided I’d try MPC 61 KEYS at the beginning of last year, but it was too big for me on bedrest, and I couldn’t sit at the desk, and try to learn it… cause sometimes it takes hours, sitting there in one place without moving.

Here is a MPC setup with different routing in a production studio, and it’s not overwhelming, but well thought out, and explaining overwhelming precepts of routing different devices. I don’t understand some devices he used, but it covers the basic midi keyboards, as the input into the MPC device.

Know that it’s NOT the linear workflow, but it’s pieces workflow, with patterns and bars, and other MIDI functions, that describe velocity and performance, etc. … a different digital language (MIDI) mindset perspective, instead of the Digital Audio mindset perspective.

I wanted to share this insight with yous, and hopefully you get it, like I got it

I guess, I’ll have to do more blogs about the MPC devices, there’s a plethora of things to do with MPC functions and menus, and samples sounds effects… it’s overwhelming at times, so you don’t get lost, it’s nice to map out where you are in it, and understanding in your mind, is where you map out, where you are.
Or you can use paper and pen to map out where you are, but I like using my mind… cause it’s a part of me, but it’s limited, cause of my younger years drug abuse.

Beginners guide for the MPC(MIDI Production Center) by AKAI… I started with AKAI in my music production, and now instead of Analog recording with 12 tracks, I’m branching off into the MIDI(Musical Instrument Digital Interface) functions, 128 values, or functions, or instrument voices… I’m only exploring my Limited data of MIDI, I used it in syncing with different devices before, using the MIDI clock.

So I better study all that it does, cause it doesn’t sync data only anymore, there has been many developments, and it’s grown into an MPC monster, or a pet… you get to choose from an overwhelming monster or pet… you can be confused by the monster, or love and understand the pet.

I choose the pet existence, and understanding the data of the pets… rather than the monster, cause that was designed by the marketeers.

Monsters scare me, and they think it’s funny… I’d rather a docile pet, that I can bond with, and build a relationship with also.