REAPER DAW : What I was looking for

— REAPER DAW : What I was looking for —


reaperI was looking for a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that was similar to Vegas. Well, I did. Someone mentioned it to me a couple of years ago, but I blew it off as another crap attempt.

It still lacks the video robustness, it seems there is patent issues. It’s the only thing I can think of, that’s holding up the development of it. There is a certain intuitive nature of the Reaper DAW. That was formed when Sonic Foundry was in charge of development of Vegas, before they sold Vegas to Sony.

Then it became a resource hog, but  Reaper doesn’t use the resources. I’m guessing they’re not secure through the encryptions, but I’m only guessing, cause I’m not a coder. I suspect there are many backdoors in the program that hackers can get in, and screw things up.

The program is quick and sure. I just started using it last week. I learned how much I’ve forgotten over  a decade of years out of music production. Also, I had to reacquaint myself with MIDI, DAW Software, and the terminologies they use.

Retaining them in my mind, is a chore. I’m not young anymore. The vigor of mind, is the first thing to go.


The intuitive roots of the Reaper DAW

Justin Frankel started Cockos Inc.. That came up with that name from some scene from the movie Office Space, something about a misquote.

I’m just glad I found out that the Reaper was modeled after Vegas. It brought a joy to my heart. Here is an intro to Reaper 5. It’s up to Reaper 5.30 now.



I‘ll include a playlist of youtube tutorials on Reaper, that I liked at the end of this post.

This program is small and powerful, not to mention quick. The code is tight… I’m an ass to quote something I don’t know a thing about. I started a coding class, and the many variables involved made me delve into madness. I left that scene.

It’s a quick program, is about all I know of it… and the intuitiveness of Vegas is included. Though many say they wouldn’t want to work with it. I guess it’s what you learned when you started working with DAWs, that make you like or hate Reaper.


Conclusion of Reaper

I‘ll be writing again about Reaper, but I really like the DAW for music production. I just don’t know how to use it, especially MIDI. Also, I don’t know how to assign one channel, rather than multi channels. I keep playing a note, but the Superior Drummer 2.0 comes through when I play a note. Along with synth voice, that I choose.

Also Reaper lacks the video capabilities of Vegas, at least without coding knowledge. It’s a tight and resourceful program, and doesn’t hog the resources like other programs do.

Well I wrote other things before… that can’t seem to remember before I saved it…or my computer crashed. Which is another story about WordPress, that I don’t want to get into.


Try Reaper! You’ll either hate it, or love it.

I’m hoping, I love it.