MPC Live2 vs MPC Beats (Software DAW)

I received the MPC box
hardware yesterday,

and loaded and installed
the MPC Beats software today.

I received the used MPC Live2 yesterday, and I needed to reacquaint myself to the MPC Beats, I downloaded in January of 2023, but now I know more about it… it’s a sample based editing system… instead of a linear based DAW, they do the same things, just different ways.

MPC(MIDI Production Center), if you know about MIDI, it’s a clock to sync other MIDI devices to each other, so they run in sync to each other’s MIDI clock… the relaying of the same measure data between each other.

MIDI is like a Conductor to the symphonic orchestra… it’s a conductor that queues, when one part of symphonic musical band, should be queued to play… otherwise it would be random noise without musical scores.
You need a conductor, to sync everything to the queues, that’s needed at the right time.

I started using Studio One 6 Professional which is a linear DAW, and has powerful features,
Which is what I started on with digital audio editing, in the beginning of the 90’s, so I started on the linear fashion, and it was second nature to me… when MPC came on the scene, I was like a top, that lost it’s momentum to spin, and no longer had the motivation to spin.

I was so used to the linear editing mode, all I felt with the MPC was confusion, and I felt as I was programmed… which would make sense, cause MIDI is a programming language.

Digital Audio is a tool to listen to, and not be programmed by… it’s my personal beef… it’s just a different ways to achieve manipulation of the audio files, or samples = can be loaded digital audio files, that can be played by a keyboard, with sampling features.

I have a lot of work to do with learning the DAW software and the MPC sampling boxes… one is digital audio, and the MIDI language with sampling capabilities, and assignment to the keyboards… it assigns them with algorithms to the different keys… that’s my guess, cause I’m out of the tech loop.

I need to get busy learning, instead of writing this blog, and wasting time with art dreams… there must be a future for it… the art of music, that I feel I’m raping music with the new technology as a vibrator.