We Wait in the Dark

Then Morning to a

New Day Comes

I guess the darkness passes too, and the sun shines on the new day, or a gentle rain waters the plants in your environment… I like the gentle rains without winds, like in a storm… but sometimes you have to face them without fear, and they will pass too, and you see the Sun again in the sky again, illuminating your surroundings.

I was updated to the MPC Live2 arrived at the Fedex terminal in Kingston, NY, instead of label arrived, and I didn’t receive a date when it will arrive here, but I have to sign for it, so I need to get up, hopefully it will arrive on Thursday, cause that’s when we’ll receive the cabinets for the storage of my stuff.

I figure another way to look at the workflow other than linear, it’s making patterns and arranging those patterns into songs, in the song arranging… they put the 16 pad icon before the sections in the list window, but NO WINDOWs of the timeline, like in DAW…  it’s more mental imaginations, instead of physical displays.

Hopefully, I’ll last and finish a new song, I’m not into electronic music, or house music… though I don’t hate them, but it sounds mass produced… much like all music production nowadays.

I’m just doing this for therapy… I need to release the stress I build up from the mainstream media news, it always is so depressing… and I need to just blow off steam, to relieve the stress and pressure from them.

Well, we’ll see it, when it comes, and it has the speakers on it too, so I don’t have to wear headphones, and all the sounds are in it, so I don’t need another piece of equipment.

AKAI MPK MiniI have the mini Akai MPK keyboard, if I need another input thru the MIDI ports, or USB ports.
But it comes with a large library of sounds and effects… and also sample edits, that you can chop, and assign to a pad.

I’m not as agile in my old age, but I still love music as my therapy and healing tool… but since the pandemic started peddling fears, the care from hospitals took a nose dive into the ground, like a jet plane take a nose dive.

Anyway, I’m trying to be real without feeding my narcissistic needs and talking about myself, which is hard to do, since I’ve been alone for 3 year going on 4 years on bedrest.

I have the MPC 61 Keys,  and all the MPC devices have the same menus, on every MPC device, but I can’t sit at the MPC 61 Keys, but the MPC Live2, is a device that will fit with me in bed, and I can spend hours with it, and produce something… rather than make my bedsore worse, by sitting on it.

That’s more information than you want to know, that’s what Isolation does to the mind… I don’t care anymore, I have a lot of songs to finish, and get out of me in my therapy sessions.

I want to feel healed, if I want to heal… not someone preaching at me for healing, it only stresses me out, and it doesn’t work on healing me, if it stresses me out.

It’s like walking into a wall with a mountain scene on it, and thinking your in the scene… it’s just a mirage/delusion of your mind. I know faith is your healing doorway, but all the sh*t you have to clear out from the clutter in your mind, and right nutrients to feed those… it’s stressful, and stressful is a slow healing process, you can’t speed it up… and you have the choice to keep on going towards your healing, or giving up and dying, I’m not a giver upper type of person…