Roland FA-06 With Sampling Keyboard

— Roland FA-06 With Sampling Keyboard —


roland fa-06



Multitrack MIDI and Sampler digital audio, the FA-06 opens doors to the development of future designs.

Rather than the maniacal hype designs of constantly switching menu pages, with different layers of control, Roland has setup a more user friendly intuitive design.

Where you could setup a musical recording from one page. You have to learn the sequence of button pushing, but musically it’s more friendly.

Aside from the poor labeling choices, when you’re sitting down, rather than white letters on black, you have silver gray under the glossy black plastic display, which makes it hard to read. Unless you have the right angle, in a well lighted room, you are like a blind man. It’s the only con I have found with the FA-06.


Overall, the labeling design is a poor choice, but the sequencing and the features is phenomenal.

I bought the Korg PA-600 and had a conundrum trying to figure out. All the youtube videos were in Spanish, if I wanted to find out more about it, and I wanted some thing in English.

So I went looking for a keyboard, that did what it said it would do.

I shopped for a keyboard, that was in my price range ($800-$1500), the only thing that it’s missing is the aftertouch.  I thought that it was on all keyboards, but something happened in the 90’s. Now its hard to find as a default feature.

The FA-06 can be found on Ebay for $700-$900, but they don’t include customer support, and they’re used.

I paid $1300 from Sweetwater sound. They at least have personal customer support.


Anyway, I’ll include the tutorial youtube videos as a playlist, and you can decide for yourself.