DAWs times…

Studio One 6
or Cubase 13
Both FIT My Workflow.

Studio One 6 has nice features in getting the tempo, of some audio you produced without a click track, and your tempo was shifting without a click track, and it was done in the early 80’s.
I was just jamming with an acoustic rhythms and singing… and I see potential in it… but the audio is bad.

And I’m too sick to organize it over again, or rerecord it… but I like the fixing of the old recordings, which is a stereo .wav file of the from the early 80’s. Every time I pick a tempo, and I start the song, and it goes off timing with the click track, withing the first few measures.

So, I had to find the tempo of the song with Melodyne, but not without a little time stretching, and they came up with a tempo 112.5 bpm… which I came up with by ear, but it still varied by the downbeat.

So, this video of Studio One 6, talked of Bend markers, which is like Warp markers in Cubase 13, where you can warp/bend time, so that it occurs on the downbeat.

This is the Song, that I want to lock onto with a tempo data, and that can sync to  beats per minute(BPM) data, by adding drum loops to the song, but I needed to edit it first…
If I wasn’t on bedrest, I could do something different… getting old sucks.

Cubase 13 is different, it has a Warp markers, but it’s the same principle as the “Bend” markers.

And it has a lot of other features, pertaining to vocals, and converting them to MIDI, to tune them to certain keys on the keyboard, and making harmonies… much like Syntesizer V plugins or the ACE Studio.

This allows me to MIDI-fy my own voice, instead of using the AI voices in the other Plugins…
Oh that’s a plus for Cubase 13, I was wondering how to do it, and Cubase 13, does it for me.

I‘ll try and try to tempo map the song “I’m Not The Same”, I recorded on an analog system, before I bought a digital system Multitrack recorder by Spectral Synthesis in 1991… I bought it at the end of the Summer in 1991, below it says 1992.

Digital Audio Workstations
“At this time, most DAWs were Apple Mac based (e.g., Pro Tools, Studer Dyaxis, Sonic Solutions).Around 1992, the first Windows-based DAWs started to emerge from companies such as Innovative Quality Software (IQS) (now SAWStudio), Soundscape Digital Technology, SADiE, Echo Digital Audio, and Spectral Synthesis. All the systems at this point used dedicated hardware for their audio proaicessing.”

It had to have it’s own hardware too, which was when I had MB drives… 600 MB, instead of Gigabyte or Terabyte drives. It was a different time back then, when it was transitioning from analog recording to digital recording …

I started on PCs without Windows graphical user interface, I started on computers with MS DOS, a command line prompt interface… and with Windows came out in in 1986 where you point and click, and piggybacking the MS DOS OS, but you didn’t have to remember, terminal commands any more.

Well, that was a memory flash back in time.

Now, the reality of NOW time, it seems I need to learn more, than die, and go to sleep to face another life, or day on this prison planet… so I can relate to the Palestinians in Gaza, but it’s your attitude, that gives you a new outlook.

Occupation is the Warden of your prison… and Israel is your prison warden…
I never saw that before, before Saleh the Palestinian student said “Hitler was a genius”, which shocked me in my college days… and then it came to be known for real to me, in the last several months.

I was young and stupid at 6 years old, when I wore a Nazi flag as a cape, and pretended to be Superman, that my Mom’s Dad brought home from World War II, and was up in the attic.

The my neighbor brought up the horrors that Hitler made, and I felt the shame for those horrors.
Even the Zionists, go through that, they judge them, and as Jesus said:

“Do not judge, or you too will be judged...
and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Which is now what Israel is going through the tough times… with trying to lie their way out of it.

But the world opinion, is condemning them for their genocide tricks…the running percentage increases of death tolls on both sides, with Israel 1,812 killed, and the Palestinians death toll 36,743 which is an increase almost 2,000%… 1927.75% to be as exact, as I can.

(1,812 ÷ 36,743 ) × 100 = 1927.75%

This was supposed to be about DAWS, and it ended on the Philosophy of Tomidjah of current events.
Well, I’ll try to set a tempo with bend markers and warp markers, with Studio One and Cubase… and see what happens.