I bought a New Musical Instrument

— I bought a New Musical Instrument —


I bought a keyboard that I can lay on my lap, and I can get expressive, as I can, to get the sounds I’m hearing. I always dreamed of this instrument. It has the presets inside that come with a synthesizer, so it requires no midi instrument, out of the box to hear it, though I don’t know if I need the software running on the laptop. I just like its size and the sounds. I can make my own presets with the synthesizer software.

I’m in a wheelchair, so the basic keyboard stands make me uncomfortable, and give me back pains, but this can lay on my lap. Where I can be creative as creative can be. It has an earphone jack, and is wireless for Bluetooth midi. It’s my dream machine.

No wires to tangle, or my wheelchair to get tangled in. The only thing is, it’s missing a multitrack sequencer, where you can compose on different tracks. Maybe it will be in future versions of it.

I like it, cause it’s small, and I don’t have to be uncomfortable to play it. It’s on my lap. I always felt awkward playing keyboards on a stand… it jammed my creativity… it was like trying to be free, and living under the oppressions of a dictator. It stifled my freedoms.

I didn’t buy it from global store, I bought it from Sweetwater, so I didn’t get the free case, which was $130 more. I figured, I didn’t need the case, since I don’t play out and perform. I’m more of a composer and a studio therapeutic player.



I like the presets in it, these are a few shown in the video it doesn’t give the total of presets.

“Going through the presets in Equator. The patches have insane modulation possibilities which I intentionally left untouched – this is barely scratching the surface.
It’s my first day with the Seaboard so I haven’t perfected the touch yet!”

I can’t wait till they ship it… Christmas is over.



The next video is someone who mastered the sounds, and the expressive qualities of this instrument.



I‘ll post it, the creations I create with it in a month or two, depends on when I get it. I wish I saw this musical instrument at the Global Store link, before the Sweetwater link, I would’ve gotten a free case, and they ship them out in a couple of days. That means, I would get it by next week.