Goodbye to Reason8 and Hello to Acid7

— Goodbye to Reason8 and Hello to Acid7 —


music-844903_640I tried to work with Reason8, and the limitations on where the recordings are going was like… I’m writing another post “things that annoy me about Reason8”, so I got tired of waiting to authorize it, which I finally did after a couple of weeks, and learning how to do things without going online.

I understood Vegas and Acid already, by the Sony Corporation. They included a help menu in the program, they have an online help too, but they have very detailed help in the program. A very big plus for me.

Anyway, I tried to install Acid4, and I was trying to install it in Windows7, and it wouldn’t let me, so I upgraded to Acid7 for $79.95. Acid7 is the last version of Acid. Sony said they aren’t going to make any more.

It combines recording audio, MIDI, and loops all into one multitrack program.


So I was already familiar with the architecture of the Acid program, which was originally from Sonic Foundry, before Sony emerged, and bought it. They also bought Vegas, which was also owned by Sonic Foundry, that dealt with video editing. A very intuitive suite of production programs.

Reason8 just wasted my time with my production dreams. My main concern was the help not being a part of the program. They should learn a lot from Sony, well the fact, that it was Sonic Foundry that developed it first.

Well, it’s been a part of Windows programs, since I first started working with Windows in the 1980’s, but Sonic Foundry always answered my questions. They had a very strong help dialogue.

This is the song, I made out of of royalty free loops, but I reacquainted myself with the program, and composed a song of pretty basic loops. Here it is.



That is the song I created it took me about 4 days. About two or three hours each day, it was a lot of tweaking and equalizing the sounds. My hearing loss isn’t helping with the mixes… the high frequencies are nonexistent with me.

Loop crazy, I hope I don’t fall into the loop trap, and don’t record anymore.

I felt freer when I was recording new stuff.

Or regurgitated old shit, cause what’s new anymore?

The way you play it is new to you, or anyone else listening to it. What makes it unique and new, is all the nuances that comes across in the performances of it. It’s all regurgitated shit to make it appear new and nutritious. Like a bird regurgitates it’s food for the chicks, we regurgitate our music for the masses.

I learned that while working with loops…cause loops inhabit close to all the music for TV shows and movies, well the background music at least, and all the DJ’s composed music with all the added real time dubs, such as vocals, but those are sampled loops too.

Loops is a production assistant, and fills your attentions with a boring scene, and adds substance to what was once empty.

Reason8 is still on the books for me, but not something I need to learn right now. It was a very stressful meeting of the minds for me. I’m old by musical standards, and want the help in the program… not going online. I don’t need to be connected to the machine to breathe… I can breathe on my own.