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What is GOD?

  I Wonder! I‘ve been wondering about God all my life, and I’ve come to the conclusion that God, is everyone alive and dead, and righteousness is his way, cause everything the devil does is evil, and he’s the darkside of God. I came from the Catholic indoctrination, the NYC Catholicism, cause I find the …

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2Rains – Always Believe in your Love

2Rains – Always Believe in your Love     Always Believe in your Love, was a love song to God and His Creation… Earth. I’ve come from a child in God’s eyes, and listened to all the stories of limited understandings in religions. I believed in all the stories, cause they opened my eyes to …

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Religions before Sacraments and Traditions


Religions before Sacraments, Traditions : Diluting with Pollutants 10/03/2016 God is the main focus of a religion, but we don’t agree on what God is. I’m a basket case trying to figure what God is. The old quote “Whom the gods would destroy, they first make mad” is a phrase spoken by Prometheus in Henry …

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Escaping ISIS = (daesh)

escaping isis

— Escaping ISIS = (daesh) — With daesh distorting the messages of Islam, and locking the people into an archaic dictatorial law called the Sharia law… or any law that doesn’t promote righteousness, only the dictatorial natures of escaping ISIS (daesh). This enslaving of women to serve their sicknesses. Dictating their sick desires on women …

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— US and THEM, become WE —   The WAR is on, they deny me from playing their Music… They don’t own the music, they stole it from the universe that shared it freely. Frequency is a vibration, and it isn’t property that you own… unless you’re delusional. I’m sorry you’re delusional, I’ll pray for …

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blah blah Pope blah blah

— blah blah Pope blah blah —   The media frenzy of justifying the Pope’s visit to America, is a bit overboard. He runs the church of Christ (Catholicism), or so he should be. I thought we were to follow Jesus, and mimic him by example with love and don’t judge. We see judgments running …

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Religions Madness

— Religions Madness – delusions gone wild —       The catholic church at the beginning canonized the bible by editing out some books that were apocryphal. The early scriptures were a form of spirit based, but fleshly delusional. God is Spirit… so the spiritual influence is of God, but that’s where the delusions …

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Heaven and Hell, a battlefield called Earth

— Heaven and Hell, a battlefield called Earth —   God, the worldly spirit, and the people of Earth. The true trinity in the reality of the world, as I see it, from afar without the details that confuse you. A simple understanding from a simple man.   John 4:24  –  “God is a Spirit: …

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Tomidjah’s Rant #8 – true religion?

— Tomidjah’s Rant #8 – true religion? —   The theory of a true religion is a cage at best. A virtual cage looking to capture the vastness of the universe, which is impossible for one man, or even one world to contain and comprehend. The immense nature of the universe is unattainable, much less …

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