Heaven and Hell, a battlefield called Earth

— Heaven and Hell, a battlefield called Earth —


God, the worldly spirit, and the people of Earth. The true trinity in the reality of the world, as I see it, from afar without the details that confuse you. A simple understanding from a simple man.


John 4:24  –  “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.”


I‘ve been puzzled from the start of the reality of this world, there was a fat man with a beard that came to bring us gifts and was pulled around the world by flying reindeer, I waited up for him one night when I was about 4 or 5, because it amazed me and I wanted to meet him.

My Parents were up and partying with my Grandparents and others in the kitchen, and the gifts were under the tree, they had to come through the living room to go to bed, and when I asked my Mom, did they see Santa bring the gifts, she answered he must’ve come after we went to bed.

That was my first puzzlement and confusing introduction to conflicting hell and heaven moments, Mom said never lie to me, and then she was lying to me. It was my first hellish moment. The second hellish moment was she dressed up as a witch for Halloween, and she scared me and my sister, where we tried to get out of the house to get away from the scary witch, before she felt bad and showed she was our Mom, to stop me and my sister from crying, and trying to get out the window.

Well to get back to the trinity in the truth without the details, I’ll let God fill in the details… so choose wisely the Spirit of God, or the worldly spirit.

I brought up the trinity, as the Catholic sacrament, but not the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but the reality of God, worldly spirit, and we the people. The trinity is not only religious terms of religions, it’s the reality of the world today.

Many Scientists are not religious, they are more realists, but they are more agnostics, they don’t deny the existence of what they don’t understand, or have yet to discover.

Scientists deal with the material world, things they see and can explain through experimentations. They can’t handle faith, cause it’s not explained, but you have to trust the spirit, which is a foreign experience to them.

It was a foreign experience for me too, but when I had my accident, it became my reality. I’ve gotten through by faith and love, since then.

That’s a summary of my life, now I’ll give the truth as I see it.


God is the top level of my understanding, cause I was raised Catholic, I see it in threes, there maybe an infinite number of levels, but that gets confusing for me trying to explain it to you.

God covers what we don’t know, the Universe,Galaxies, Star systems, and the numerous mysteries here on Earth, that we discover everyday.

The worldly spirit can be referred to as the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, the Morning Star, the Fallen Angels that fell from earth in the war that filled the apocalyptical writings between heaven and hell. Where the devil rules the world through mankind’s sins, where he is tempting and testing us at will. With religious fervor and out right lies that brings judgments of terror. We have the power over him and his kind, and shouldn’t fear him, cause he doesn’t have power over us.

That’s where faith comes into the picture, cause you don’t sin, and you follow Jesus to the great beyond.

That is the power of Jesus, the truth is the power, and Satan’s power is lies. The Good and the Evil, the truth and the lies, the light and the darkness, these comparisons go on and on in the duality of this world. There is a third part of this world, we the people choosing which side we stand on. I felt like a failure cause I was slow to make a decision, but I wanted to be sure, and not make mistakes.

Satan is not a person that are portrayed in the myths, of being a horned red skinned soul, that we should fear. They are just someones thoughts and ideas, to do wrong and gain, tempting thoughts, you have power over them, to put them to death, and free yourself from the lies of fear and terror.


You don’t need a gun, you need the spirit of conviction, a gun for protection, but the spirit of righteousness protects you too. I choose not to carry a gun, but I’m a strong advocate of the 2nd amendment, and believe that people should have that right.

In my mind you don’t need a gun, cause a gun destroys life, and I want to enhance life to be more beautiful than it is, I like target shooting though, it’s a sport for me that grows tiring to me. It’s a thrill while it is happening. I quickly became not a hunter after I shot my 4th deer, it was a traumatic experience for me, cause it was up close, and I saw the shock and awe in the deer’s eyes, and heard a voice in my head say “WHY?”, like it was the deer asking. I did not want the meat from that murder, that was almost 40 years ago.

I’m not against hunters that look to survive from the meat, but I’m against the hunting industry of the world that looks to serve their pockets… but I digress.

I side with the realism and spirituality, balancing between the two on a daily basis. It could be compared to the wrestling with the spirit that Job did in the Old Testament. Where Job was dealing with the reality of this world, where he lost everything wealth, health, children cause the worldly spirit was attacking him, and the spirituality side was where God was ruler of all.

The choices in the world between good and evil, right and wrong, and so on and so on, it makes the choices for us by the choices we make, and then we die. Winners and losers alike, we all face the creator of our lives in the end. I’d rather be a loser, if it means losing my soul to become a cruel person, I’d rather be seen as a loser, than a winner.

Winners in this world serve the buck/mammon/money, I’d rather serve the God of humanity, the one who created us, cause I see this life as a creation, rather than a simple chance of evolutions. I find it hard to believe that mankind came from apes I find it is full of conjecture and faith, because of fossils, think about it, you dig up bones and come to conjectures about the bones.

I’m not saying it can not happen, but we still haven’t found a missing link to prove the Darwin’s the On the Origin of Species

I don’t deny certain species adapt to their own environment, but not to the extremes of Darwin’s, you know I never read it, and I’m making conjectures of what I heard about Darwin’s theory. I’ll make it a point to read it


Well, I’ve made all the points I had to made on this subject, I’m sure there is something I’ve left out, I’ll leave God to explain it to you.


” I wanted to write that my work consists of two parts: of the one which is here, and of everything which I have not written. And precisely this second part is the important one.”
Ludwig Wittgenstein


Anyway I’ll go search youtube for a video to strengthen my message. I posted this before, but it was well produced and didn’t push the religious beliefs, it left an open mind to understand.