Escaping ISIS = (daesh)

— Escaping ISIS = (daesh) —

With daesh distorting the messages of Islam, and locking the people into an archaic dictatorial law called the Sharia law… or any law that doesn’t promote righteousness, only the dictatorial natures of escaping ISIS (daesh).

This enslaving of women to serve their sicknesses. Dictating their sick desires on women to wear burkas or black veils, cause they can’t control their desires or lusts. It’s not the women’s fault that you’re a weak man. You are what’s wrong with this world, you should hide your faces in shame for what you’ve done.

You should wear the burkas of shame.

Men should wear burkas, and cover their shames… when it’s a 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and the sweat pours off you in a dark colored burka. We’ll see if you can bear the burden of wearing dark clothing in an unbearable temperature. You don’t even let them wear white.




Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the three religions based on Abraham as their father.

One illegitimate son, also one divine son, and the true son, and the brothers are at perpetual war with each other. They are all stubborn, and blaming the other sons.

Each one of them distorted by their followers, with their own interpretations of the spirit’s words. That is the birth of distortions, eventually they’ll grow up and be true to their understandings, but that road to maturity is a painful one.

The divine son voiced love and truth as the way. The son I follow, cause I was blessed as a Catholic in education, but not the dogmas and traditions that distorts the message.

Love is hard to understand, and it hurts, or it is gentle and healing. Truth is true, and not masked by lies.

Both offer the ways to success, one’s true, and what you see, is what you get, and one’s love, is healing and gentle, or cruel and correcting, but it bears understanding as the fruit.

I’m a Christian, but not aligned with any religion’s teaching, I’m a free spirit. Jesus was a free Spirit, at least that’s what I perceived him as.

I think that God isn’t watching religions, and how many followers they have. The acts that these religions show, shame God at the core, all the Abrahamic religions, in fact all religions have tainted the majesty of God. They try to explain God, when God is unexplainable, and is only experienced.

Don’t lock God in a cage of your own understanding, let God be free. God is already free, and deserves to be free. Be a friend to God, like Abraham was.


Religions are like storybooks, you read to your children at night to put them to sleep. They’re the good stories to keep the nightmares away, but with the nightmares of religions going on in the world today, it’s hard to come up with a good story to put them asleep.

Escaping ISIS (daesh), is a sure storybook to read to wipe away the nightmares forever.