2Rains – Always Believe in your Love

2Rains – Always Believe in your Love



Always Believe in your Love, was a love song to God and His Creation… Earth.

I’ve come from a child in God’s eyes, and listened to all the stories of limited understandings in religions. I believed in all the stories, cause they opened my eyes to newer understandings. If I never believed, then I never would’ve found, the newer understandings of God.

It never is wasted to see life like a child, but we all have to grow up, and accept the new understandings. There are stars in the heavens, and there is a sun that the earth revolves around. Everything doesn’t revolve around the earth, like we once believed.

I still see God, as a massive understanding that will never be believed or understood as God intended, until our death. That’s right we have to die, before God gives us back eternal life.

I see the creation story of garden of Eden, that we were expelled from, and forced to die, cause we ate from the tree of knowledge…  as a story… like the St. Nicolas (Santa Claus). It’s like  Jesus’  parables, they give you further understandings of the kingdom of God… the real life.

You breathe, and your heart pumps blood throughout your body… what fuels that practice. My guess is the spirit of God, and what fuels all the galaxies of the  universe also, but that’s my religion… and I’m grateful that I grew up in the US. I know if I grew up in the Middle East, I’d be dead by now.


My God

I choose to follow the God, in my own way. God is Spirit,  is what all the Abrahamic religions preach and teach.

When I get to God, and I’m to bow down for my sins, and seek forgiveness for my stupidity. I’ll plead with God, “forgive me”, but it’s not my fault… God created me.
A little levity is needed here.

I see God as a friend, and I talk with him as someone I look up to.

More like a Father… I ask for advice… but someone I love first.

God is not a terrorist, and doesn’t instill fear. Well, the old testament God lived as a terrorist,  then Jesus brought the New Testament, as a spokesperson for God.

Jesus taught mercy and forgiveness, rather than judgment and terror. So that’s why I follow Jesus… and carry the cross of suffering, cause of love and forgiveness. I still believe there are many being misled by organized religions… in fact every religion, but I was baptized a Catholic, but the patient carrying of the cross gave me new insights into the religion of Catholicism.

It reminds me on Jesus’ last words on the cross “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do”, at least according to Luke’s Gospel (Luke 23:34).

I remember reading the Book of Hosea in the old testament, “For I desired mercy, and not sacrifice; and the knowledge of God more than burnt offerings.” just before Jesus came on the scene bringing the New Testament.

It’s been a long time since I read the bible, now I just Google the scriptures… but I had a heart of a young child when I studied the scriptures.


Heavy Hearts

Sorry for the heavy heart, but it’s the truth… we all will have a heavy heart in our death. It’s the mourning process.

Sing a song for me… I won’t judge you. Sing it true… it won’t sound as bad, as when I sing… according to the music industry today.

I’ve been censored like Simon the judge of talent…on American Idol, and now America’s Got Talent. Who gave him the talent, to know talent? Like a blindman feeling the wall of a rut to get out…when he gets out of the rut of delusional thinking, and realizes that no one is better at what they do, than anyone else.

That special talent is seeing everyone as equal… and judging no one… there is always someone who is blinded by pride… or pseudo nationalism/patriotism. All forms of nationalism/patriotism are nothing, but a disease that needs to be healed.


“I am against any nationalism, even in the guise of mere patriotism. Privileges based on position and property have always seemed to me unjust and pernicious, as did any exaggerated personality cult.”
— Albert Einstein, My Credo (1932)