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It’s 11am

And I still have the urge to write and communicate from my heart. Yesterday was awash with the previous Sunday’s self immolation suicide in front of the Israeli Embassy, and then this saw this video of it, after the fact… it was disturbing, cause it glorified power, when she said “rest in power”, instead of, …

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Zionists vs Politicians

  Zionism is Colonialism With a New Mask The stereotypical versions of religious zealots, and politicians are both delusional, and capable of errors in their thinking, and decision making powers… but they are too proud to see it. Pride is a blinding factor of the whole view of the subject, that you have to make …

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Good and Evil Discussions

Good & Evil Two Sides of the Same Coin of Life Sometimes we hear voices in our minds, giving the pros and cons of the subject, that is in your mind at the time. Trying to make a selection/decision, but we listen to them under the guise of the masks, that they wear, and become …

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Determinism and Free Will…they Both Exist!

Determinism and Free Will   Life is itself, an illusion. Those things that make up that illusion, are illusions in themselves. We all live in our little bubbles. Free will exists as an illusion of choice, and determinism is the devil’s tool of testing. You can fight the testing by making a choice, or you …

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Swimming in a Crowded Rough Sea

swim drown

  Swimming in a Crowded Rough Sea : World Today   In the world today, I looked and compared it to a large bucket filled with water being tossed and shaken around, and it’s also filled with all the world’s population. It sounds so unreal, but you have to have a wild imagination to see …

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Space Aliens Walk Amongst Us : UFOs

— Space Aliens Walk Amongst Us : UFOs —   The space aliens are very close to my heart and mind, cause I’ve witnessed first hand my encounters with aliens/UFOs. There are other credible people with USAF, NASA, and a Canadian Minister of Defense, that spoke out on the space aliens of what they know …

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Any Law Passed to an Establishment of Religion

establishment of religion

— An Executive Order Passed as an Establishment of Religion —     It’s unconstitutional, and voiced with disdain. The road ahead is dark, instead of bright and promising. It’s filled with fears, instead of hopes.   “The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife …

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Take a Walk Through the Earth’s Zoo


— Take a Trip to the Earth’s Zoo … Humans like Zoos — Religious Section Since everything we diagnose in the Earth’s Zoo, gets put into a cage for dissection and study. Religion’s cages, we started with trying to interpret the spirit of God, and we distorted God’s message to satisfy ourselves. We’re the false …

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Let The Mystery Be

— Let The Mystery Be : Iris DeMent— Iris DeMent – Let the Mystery Be…  lyrics     I never heard of this song before, and it touched upon what I’ve been troubled by all my life, I should just let the mystery be whatever, it wants to be, if I can explain it to …

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Corporation’s Quests

corporation's quests

— Corporation’s Quests : Internet Dominance/Dictatorial —   The nations are old school, and the new players are the corporation’s quests to rule the world. Not every corporation is evil, but there are many, more than not that deal for profit, rather than what’s ethically right. This transformation is so subtle that you need a …

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Meth Wars

— Syrian Meth Wars : Captagon — I saw this in my youtube newsfeed today, “speed kills“ gets a new meaning.     Or just a rehashed one, it kills for the blood thirsty. Like vampires looking for war and power, only to lead to defeat again and again. Like children trying to solve a …

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WTF!!! ISIS is Recruiting the Young

ISIS is Recruiting the Young It make me sad, that they feed lies to the children to reach a selfish agenda. A self centered agenda will lead to a lot of pain for all on both sides, as all agendas are filled with pain for all, with revenge as the motivational force. ISIS needs to …

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