Take a Walk Through the Earth’s Zoo

— Take a Trip to the Earth’s Zoo … Humans like Zoos —

Religious Section

zooSince everything we diagnose in the Earth’s Zoo, gets put into a cage for dissection and study.

Religion’s cages, we started with trying to interpret the spirit of God, and we distorted God’s message to satisfy ourselves. We’re the false prophets, and are passing falsities about God. God doesn’t like being locked in a cage. “God is spirit” and the spirit is freer, and not to be caged for study.

God’s will rules the world, but God gives you free will… and that is our problem.

We screw up this world with our hatreds and judgments. We need to be in cages to be studied. Let’s move on.


Ideologies Section

Our ideologies are the beasts we try to tame, and act as our pets. They accompany us throughout this life. Sometimes needed to defend us, or motivate us for war. Morally superior is our best defensive weapon. Hypocrisy is the weakest defensive weapon.

In the ideology section of the Zoo, there are many beasts they will tear you apart, if you spark an aggressive nerve. They are vicious, and not to be fooled with. Usually carrying the spirit of God on their backs to justify their hatred and prejudices. Usually to justify their taking of your life, to free theirs, but their message is only an illusion. It sounds good to them, so it must be from God, but it only serves themselves.

We need to study our beasts in the ideology section of the Zoo, before we favor them. They’re like wild dogs. Where they can turn on you in a second, if you’re not careful.

They are the two wings for those who want to master flight.

Left,Right, and the march towards a perpetual warfare with these ideological beasts in the Zoo.


Economic Section

Economic beasts are in the next section of the Zoo. They are puzzling to me, I get lost in numbers, since my stroke.

I like looking at them wasting their time away in the tyrannical rule of numbers, so unforgiving.

I mean the numbers rule, so unforgivably. The numbers tell you what to think, and when you sway from the progression of numbers, you are going against the flow of the universe.

Where the religions had the prophets, the economic beasts have the profits, as those who talk of their future. We need to grow closer to the spirit of God, however God wants to reveal God to you.

Numbers and me don’t get along. Our relationships got stolen from me during my stroke.


Technological Section

The technological section of the Zoo, isn’t just robotic creatures making our lives easier. It’s our inventions making our lives more complicated. I could go on and on voicing about too much advancement in the technological field, and that we overlook something that we need it in the future. We have our eyes on the profits, instead of the good of society.

We look to fulfill the short sighted goals, and another Y2K appears. I remember exploring the disks during my DOS days and recovering the dates before the birth of computers, which puzzled me to no ends. I figured it was some esoteric group playing a joke. It was centuries before the birth of technology, and a few ancient dates.

It just puzzled me, as all technology does before I understand how it works. I need to climb over the amazements, and look for the knowledge on how it works. The awe fades into oblivion when I understand it. The awe is dangerous to the common man, cause it stops you in your tracks, and they can manipulate you to do whatever they want.

That’s the danger of new technology, shock and awe. While you’re wondering how it works, thus it becomes more appealing, so that you want to buy one for yourself. Manipulations of the marketing companies with the beasts of consumerism.

They bite the ignorant.

Therefore, they should put up a sign that says “do not to get too close to the cages, cause they bite“.


Nursery and Petting Section

This is the part of the zoo where we reflect of all that we created. It’s the harmless section, where we pet the baby animals/ideas. The newborns that grow to be the dangerous, or harmless and lovable.

So, this is the last section of the zoo, that we will visit. There were many more sections that were not visited, cause of the time restraints, and my simple mind’s imaginative capabilities.

Here you can entertain yourself with little ideas and growing beasts of the world. You can pet these ideas without harm to your body, and banter with your own thoughts.


Silence is the key to enjoyment or terror. Also, all changes will occur in silence. Silence is the surety of humanness.

We are our own project… and this trip to the zoo will spark your own thoughts on this subject.


Zoos are a sadistic part of humanity. It would be good, if we set ourselves in the cages to realize how the beasts feel. I enjoyed the wildlife parks that we drove through. I never enjoyed the captive beasts in the cages.

Which would explain my enjoyment of this life, in the metaphorical sense. We create cages out of everything, and we put into them every idea and invention we come up with.

We create patents and copyrights captivating every art or technology. To reap the profits from them.

I could go on and on… which you don’t want to hear.