Space Aliens Walk Amongst Us : UFOs

— Space Aliens Walk Amongst Us : UFOs —


space aliensThe space aliens are very close to my heart and mind, cause I’ve witnessed first hand my encounters with aliens/UFOs.

There are other credible people with USAF, NASA, and a Canadian Minister of Defense, that spoke out on the space aliens of what they know and believe. People called them whacked out fools, and they became more rational, and reasoned to no end.

The courage to voice out what they’ve seen, they’ve made me feel not alone. To witness the presence of the extraterrestrial’s vehicles first hand. When you mention it to others. The people that hear your story, just laugh to themselves.


There have been reports of aliens working with our govt. Totally Top Secret, but there are rumors going around, embellishing to the point of conspiracy or some other untruth. I believe that we met others, sometimes unaware of their nature or origins. The fact that they’re here, and have a say in the ruling parties.

Our leaders are nothing but fools, being played by the puppet masters. I’m going into the conspiracy minefield with my interjections. The aliens are here, and have been here for thousands of years. We called them angels with some religious fervor, and evil aliens as devils or demons.


Fear and the Dangers of Distorted Perspectives

Fear has a way of distorting your perspectives. We labeled God as something that should be feared.

When it was a race, that planted humankind here. We’re planted here by a collective that we distorted in our fears. The words of FDR is ringing in my head now, “the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”.

He went ballistic on his first term, when the prohibition of alcohol was repealed. A couple of years went by, and he needed a new enemy. Marijuana was the new enemy, and was made illegal. When it was a paper product that the first draft of the US constitution was written on it. We made it illegal out of fear.

Now we fear the aliens, whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial. Illegal aliens or space aliens, they are what we don’t understand.

I would like to understand, I don’t need more enemies. Confusion is the breeding grounds of enemies. Dazed and confused is a sure sign of an injured fish, and the healthy fish gobble you up.

I’m sick of being bait with a distorted confused perspective. The healthy fish needs to be woken with a pain they never felt before.


The abduction Memories… or Hallucinations

Illegal aliens are not much different than space aliens, they need not be feared. They’re the angels that our religions, spoke of coming from the heavens. They might be bad aliens or angels with a malicious nature, but they fear you. I’ve been inviting them all my life, but they must fear me. They must’ve abducted me, but made me forget it.

I was living up from Prattsville, NY and saw a strange glowing orb floating down the hill into the field. I felt it was reminding me of small bouncing ball, and the time was missing from my life. Also, I don’t remember, but it was an hour later, that I was returning into the house.

It scared me…the time loss.

I felt alright, but the mental burdens I felt before were gone.


I always felt a connection with God, not the God of religions of the world. Also, I see everyone alive as a part of God, however microscopic part of God they are.

I believe in extra-terrestrials/space aliens, it explains the missing links to my life. I believe in evolution too, just not your theories of evolutions. It may be, I’m wrong, and I’m willing to accept that, if I am.

I see creations, as a form of evolution in the first place.


Well, that’s about all from me, I’ll close with the testimonies from former Astronauts and Politicians. You’ll be more confused than I am, right now, but more informed with the truth. As I see it.