Swimming in a Crowded Rough Sea


Swimming in a Crowded Rough Sea : World Today

swim drown


In the world today, I looked and compared it to a large bucket filled with water being tossed and shaken around, and it’s also filled with all the world’s population.

It sounds so unreal, but you have to have a wild imagination to see it that way.

Everyone grabbing onto others and pulling them down, so they have their head above water… a world fighting for breath. Pushing the weak through wars, and the dead bodies, making  the floating islands.

These islands make a safe place to stand. They raise a flag over it to feed their purpose…pride is a hungry beast.

Pride is also a foul liar, and passes ego food, that instills delusions in the minds of the proudful.

It misleads, rather than settling differences. It starts wars, rather than spreading peace. There is also an egocentric fool doing the spreading of it. Egocentricity is the most deceived individual, or the most wisest.

You mix that with pride, and you have a dangerous mix. A fiery mix and it brings you to the point of vomiting on yourself, and others.


Delusional Outlook?

I‘ve been bombarded without sleep for over a week… I’m up all night and into the day before I go to bed. When I’m in bed, I don’t want to get out of bed, so I sleep extra.

A sure sign of depression, but I’m a denier.

I’m alright… I’m just a proud fool.

I wake to what I see, and it isn’t very pleasant. Besides my failing health, and the world’s falling apart… there’s nothing to be happy about. My family’s love and support is the only saving grace that I have.

I guess the more I see that positive side of my life, the more I cherish getting out of bed. If I could just get up without the grumpiness.


My outlook on the political spectrum, and religious world, the two things that you shouldn’t bring up in public, but you shouldn’t ignore it either. My views of those two subjects, is a dim one. They both hold a lot of power over the people, but they’re screwing things up the more they talk.

Words cause more misunderstanding, rather than bring resolution. The politicians lie, more than tell the truth. Religious people misinterpret the simple language of the scriptures, and bias the shit out of them. They go to extremes… everyone is an extremist.

They live to make you emotional.


I remember my Dad and me having a conversation about emotions. When someone is emotional, they don’t think right, my Dad said.

So I thought about it long and hard… that conversation occurred when I was 9 or 10 years old, it was in Dad’s new Corvair.

He must’ve bought it in an emotional time, or I was sad from my little league game … I don’t know what brought up that conversation, but it stuck with me.

And it never left me… so I’m sad and mad, cause I think too much, but that is me.

I am, who I am

The following is a loop creation that I made with Acid 2 or 3. It covered my mood during those times before the invasion of Iraq and 9/11. I wrote it before 9/11, and I never did anything with it after that.

The Meek and The Strong