Meth Wars

— Syrian Meth Wars : Captagon —

I saw this in my youtube newsfeed today, speed kills gets a new meaning.



Or just a rehashed one, it kills for the blood thirsty. Like vampires looking for war and power, only to lead to defeat again and again. Like children trying to solve a puzzle that has no resolution or no solution… a lot of infighting and blaming others.

I was hooked on speed in the late 70’s and early 80’s, and I seen my mind change for the worst. It kept me awake, but with no direction, I was like a buzzing fly made to annoy, rather than to discuss with clarity and bring understanding to the situations.

Being awake without awareness, is just manipulations of the puppets of wars.

“Speed kills”, is one of the phrases of words that made sense that came out this war on drugs. It brought it more into focus for me.


What are we fighting for” … Was a song I grew up on, and was going to be drafted, but they ended the draft in 1973, but we had to register till 1975, the year I graduated high school.

Vietnam was a war I heard a lot about, especially from the Vets in the VA Hospitals, but never seen any action. I ended up joining the Air Force for my military service, and that was the biggest mistake or blessing, I haven’t decided which yet.

When I was in the service, I was definitely anti war, but not against national defense, but our foreign policies from the time of my being born, I’m against.

The enemies both foreign and domestic, I swore an oath to defend against, and I’m doing my part however minuscule it is in your eyes.

I see the foreign policies of the US, as war crimes, and they should be tried, this along with the drug induced ideologies to produce more wars.


Wars is capital murders gone wild… it would make sane people seem crazy. Anyone who looks for war to feel good about themselves, cause they make people feel like property that they control, then you might think about suicide, cause I’ve thought about it all my life. To witness the makeup of this sick society that you rule, and when I voice love and understanding to be the fruits that we cherish, you kill me and my kind.

Well, there will be a day, that you won’t hear me and my kind, to keep you alive. The future will come in bite size chunks, where seconds will be decades, maybe even centuries.

Where you will see through God’s eyes, but you’re a man… the voice I’ve come to know well. It’s filled with disappointments and joys, and impatience is filled with deceptions which brings pains. Patience will you bring you through all the hurts unscathed.

I see the wars as impatience gone wild, vying for power and control, but reaping the same rewards for the few at the expense of the people. Where the few at the top sit back and count their fortunes, while the dead that they walk over pave their way to hell.

Say NO to Drugs… a sign that should be neon sign along this dark highway.

Your mind will not be the same, you don’t need drugs to do what you love. Alcohol is considered a drug too, you can enjoy the alcohol in moderation, but too much makes you an A__hole.

Learn to speak the truth, that is more powerful than a gun… and changes men’s minds and hearts.


“The world is full enough of hurts and mischances without wars to multiply them.”
J.R.R. Tolkien, The Return of the King


“When the rich wage war it’s the poor who die.”
Jean-Paul Sartre, Le diable et le bon dieu