Corporation’s Quests

— Corporation’s Quests : Internet Dominance/Dictatorial —


corporation's questsThe nations are old school, and the new players are the corporation’s quests to rule the world. Not every corporation is evil, but there are many, more than not that deal for profit, rather than what’s ethically right.

This transformation is so subtle that you need a microscope to witness all the changes that are occurring, too many to number.

It covers political, economic, cultural, religious, etc., with a thin layer of BS to distract away from the core changes. It’s the way of deceptions, delusions, and confusions.

The more we ignore it, and dismiss it as not happening, you must be a nut to think that… it’s conspiratorial.

Did you ever think that the conspiratorial theories, were true all along?

Awareness is your key to the signs to the changing of your world, or going down in the spin of society. Do you want to be aware, or flushed down the tubes in the spins of society?

The money that has been invested in the internet, to expand the technology to tower over society. Where data rules like a dictator, and is hard to understand, and where you have to agree to the terms of service to get to the next screen.

Who reads those terms of service and who understands them, without going to law school?


I‘m just a simple man, and finds it hard to understand what’s confusing on purpose, and is protecting corporations more, and making us liable to the corporations. The double talk and the verbose rhetoric in those TOS’s do nothing, but confuse me, they’re tedious reads.

I say I agree, but I try and read them… they all say they reserve the right to change without notification, and you’re subject to the changes without recourse. I find that practice the practices of dictators… what I say is God’s will, and you have to be subject to it.

My God is a good God, your God is your own will and judgments. We are God, there is many views of what’s right, and different views of God. God is as vast as the universe itself.

You make us slaves to the mentality of daesh, and you’re delusional, cause your mentality is on the level of daesh. Dictating terms of service, instead of sharing terms of service.

I’m just ranting here, I could go in a thousand different directions… but I’ve said my peace about the corporation’s quests to rule the world, and their marrying the state/nation govts.