WTF!!! ISIS is Recruiting the Young

ISIS is Recruiting the Young

praying-293944_150It make me sad, that they feed lies to the children to reach a selfish agenda.
A self centered agenda will lead to a lot of pain for all on both sides, as all agendas are filled with pain for all, with revenge as the motivational force.

ISIS needs to judge themselves and get on their knees and ask for forgiveness for all the blood they spilled from Muslims to infidels. The infidels are your brothers too, but the Muslims are now on the jihad in heaven, everyone you killed is screaming for revenge.

Just because God is absent, God’s not condoning or supporting you, God’s just checking off the choices you make, as God does for all, both Muslims and infidels.

You give Islam a bad name, It’s weird that Isis is a form of a Goddess of health, marriage, and love, and you take the same name and you destroy all of that. God is calling you infidels. You are trying to recruit kids to give you strength, but those same kids will have a stronger jihad mentality when they realize you have lied to them.

I don’t claim to know God, cause I already know God from birth, and God knows me. God is great and I don’t need to murder my brothers and sisters to prove that point. When you murder you are disrespecting God’s creations, so you judge God with your little minds.

God is the judge of all, not you self ordained judges, with their selfish agendas.

I’m so mad at you recruiting little children with lies to feed your pain, they should be playing and not being trained to spill blood, which will bring on the eternal jihad, where it never ends.

I wait for this world to end, and free me from all this mess.