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Who Knows? Who are you going to call?

who knows

Who Knows? Who are you going to call?     God knows, when I wrote the following. I found it, when I went looking through my many papers of forgotten lyrics or essays. This was a short essay on what’s facing this nation today, in fact must’ve been in the past, cause I wrote it …

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Edge of Technological Ignorance

technological ignorance

— Edge of Technological Ignorance – The World Today —   We are growing closer to the singularity, but we don’t know what the singularity is, or what it envelops. We are ignorant of that eventuality…. or wrong, if we think that we know all that it entails. We are on the edge of technological …

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Lamentations of the WorldWideWeb


— Lamentations of the WWW : The weight is heavy — 10/28/2016   It seems the lamentations are many on the world wide web. Also, it seems when one problem is solved, another problem seeps up through the cracks. A world of propagating problems, like an orgy in labor multiplying at an astronomical scale. The …

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Reminiscing Prefabbed Memories

— Reminiscing Prefabbed Memories : Selective Memories — 09/02/2016 For music Click Here (Schindler Lists-  Remembrances)   Did you ever have a reminiscing of the same event, that your Parent had a completely different recollection of? I had one of those memories, that my Mother had a different recollection of, but I forgot what it …

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Hacking Gone Crazy… have a nice life!

— Hacking Gone Crazy… have a nice life! —   I‘m going through a “hacking gone crazy” major attack on my servers, as I speak(type). I hope they have a nice life, cause after my death the world will go through turmoil and pain. You might not agree with me, but my spirit is following …

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Bride to Be… Science?

— Bride to Be… Science? I always suspected this —   The thought of Science being the Christ bride, is what I always thought of being the scenario of a wedding that will bless the world. I may be totally off my rocker, but I see it as an opportunity to enlighten, beyond compare. Religions …

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— Religions : Their Extremities —     Religions are mankind born, depicting their own understandings of a deity that claims it decides their own fate, and they impose their narrowminded views of that deity that is born out of their conjectures and assumptions. Thus I’m not talking of any one religion over another, I’m …

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— US and THEM, become WE —   The WAR is on, they deny me from playing their Music… They don’t own the music, they stole it from the universe that shared it freely. Frequency is a vibration, and it isn’t property that you own… unless you’re delusional. I’m sorry you’re delusional, I’ll pray for …

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The Phenomenon of Social Networking

— The Phenomenon of Social Networking —   Facebook, the social networking giant, who I haven’t had any interaction with since Feb 2nd, 2015. I’ve shared with Google+, and now I’m going deeper and shaving off my ties with Pinterest. They make me not want to be social at all. It’s all games, with losing and …

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Languages : The doorway to infinity

— Languages : The Doorway to Infinity —     Jason Silva and Kevin Kelly voices the languages to be the first singularity that we experienced as humankind. Whether we were planted here as a seed or created, I don’t know, but how language came about we can only conjecture at. Did it always exist …

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The Thoughts of a Madman

— The Thoughts of a Madman —   The thoughts that go through my head daily, are making me a madman… it’s just confusing me, I’m not mad or insane. Just have to take the long road to find the solution, eventually I’ll finish this quest. The quest is a mystery to me, and all …

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