The Phenomenon of Social Networking

— The Phenomenon of Social Networking —


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Facebookthe social networking giant, who I haven’t had any interaction with since Feb 2nd, 2015. I’ve shared with Google+, and now I’m going deeper and shaving off my ties with Pinterest. They make me not want to be social at all. It’s all games, with losing and gaining friends.

My friends don’t deserve that attitude being handed to them, cause they don’t deserve the seeds being planted in their heads that destroy friendships with judgments. Usually false judgments being fed the falsehoods that perpetuate the propagation of their multiple reproductions; raising an army of falsehoods that are fighting the truths in their relationships.


The Fruits of Social Networking

They are all drama queens and kings, being tested by intelligence agencies for whatever reasons they run the tests. I suspect the marketing agencies with their nefarious reasons of manipulating the public through stupidity and smartness.

If I share anything it will be through Google+, Google was always upfront with me and masked their evilness with more evilness, I can respect that, be to me who you are, and don’t hide your reasons. Facebook is more like the snake that it serves, and Pinterest follows FB, it reminds me of the Ghost of Christmas Present with the two little orphans under the robe, namely FB and Pinterest.

FB is the little boy feeding mankind’s ignorance, and Pinterest is the little girl feeding mankind’s desires.


“In this scene, this spirit of Christmas has given birth to demons, IGNORANCE AND WANT, and they grow into insanity, as the HO HO HO Spirit of Christmas dies and decomposes. AMAZING SYMBOLISM!! GOD BLESS THIS IS TRUTH!!”


The Anti-Social of Social Networking

I‘m going deeper into the anti-social behavior, since that is the way I’m labeled from the social sites, but I judge them that way too, so I offer no rewards to the contrary.

I just speak the truth, cause that’s my sword that I carry. Whereas, FB swings the double-edged with truth and lies, as well as Pinterest. Don’t take it personally FB and Pinterest. I won’t, if you won’t.

I’m sworn to the truth, and want to be burned in hell for the lies that I tell… which occurs, I’ve been burned for every lie that I told. I told white lies, without harming anyone, but myself, and still I paid.

I know that keeping clean in this world is next to impossible, but as long as I guard my integrity, I hope to come out alive. All be it scarred and beaten, but alive and humbled.


The intelligence of Social Networking

The phenomenon of social networking sites is the exploitation of the public building the brain of the AI by DARPA, or some other hidden unknown agency of the govt. They love to change the acronyms at will just to confuse the public, and hide in the shadows of society.

Whether the Illuminati or some other nefarious agency or organization, there’s an endless number of them, and they are working through networking in the deep web and beyond.

I’ll be back, whenever I found my target… which is a mystery even to me.

Whether it’s an outright blatant lies masking themselves as truth, I live to reveal it.

I’ve gone mad trying to convince y’all of the dangers of the internet, but eventually you see me, and that I was right. You just forget where you heard it first… which makes me mad, and I find it’s the cross I must bear. So I’ll humble myself and go on.


Petri Dishes of Social Networking

The social sites are nothing more than Petri dishes, where intelligence agencies fish for their next specimens that they isolate and grow with their nefarious and beneficial reasons, and the data is filling the AI data banks with situations and algorithms making more intelligent decisions.


“Collaborative intelligence is one manifestation of creativity, rooted in the hypothesis that a group mind provides a Petri dish in which to culture and observe creativity while keeping it alive, to observe creativity in action.”



I have no proof, just my suspicions, except talking with God, cause God doesn’t lie. It’s my conjectures of what God said that lies, all the embellishments that go on in my head after the fact.

Imaginations are the big liars and the big truth tellers.

My interpretations of the spirit of God, they may be wrong, as it has been throughout history. The conjectures of the scriptures are so full of embellishments, that they only spread fears like the terrorists.

Truth dispels fears, and makes you strong. Truth is hard to take too, and is a hurting force, but is also a healing force. You have to face it without fear, and you will come through every obstacle… you will overcome it.

There is so much to truth that I can’t explain without getting verbose and tediously boring. That I can’t cover in a few lines like the tweeting on Twitter. Omission is a sense of censorship.

But I’ll tell you that I’m imperfect, and don’t talk like an expert. Anyone who thinks he is an expert, is lying to himself/herself. It just makes you feel good about yourselves to label you as an expert.

Expertise is a magic pill that the intelligence agencies made up.

I have no proof, I’m just conjecturing about the society I’m growing up in… as we all are.

Which is everything I’m saying is my suspicions. It might be true or a blatant lie, but I’m telling you that, because I’m sworn to the truth.

So take it as the truth, at least in my eyes… you can see it as you wish.