The Thoughts of a Madman

— The Thoughts of a Madman —


The thoughts that go through my head daily, are making me a madman… it’s just confusing me, I’m not mad or insane. Just have to take the long road to find the solution, eventually I’ll finish this quest.

The quest is a mystery to me, and all who witness of me… but I’ll be the first to know.

When I know, I’ll be the first to articulate it to you, it will be balderdash(BS) if you hear about it from someone else, without me confirming what they say.

I have this problem, I cry every night inside trying to convey the audacity of ignorance domineering the populations of the world about the governing powers of the world. Which government is right, well every govt is right to a point, but then it’s losing its power, and taking away the freedoms from the people to gain more power to progress through the daily rough political terrains.

I see this freedom bought and caged by the media and corporations, and also the Govt. The corporations are wanting to be equaled with the people, but they hire the people, and when the workday is over the people go home to their families, and the corporations are not equal to their families.

The Govt’s job is to protect the people from the corporations’ corruptions, and place laws as fences restricting where the corporations are allowed to go, there can be an action into the law, where the laws are left to choose more freedoms…or restrictions, depending on the majority of the corporations acting as a miniature govt within itself, but not equaling itself with the people, but it can petition the govt with their findings amongst themselves, all the employees, not just the CEOs.


With the manipulations going on with the constant buy, buy, buy commercials playing on our emotions, saying the same things over and over, like brainwashing on a loudspeaker to become a consumer. Either you have to turn the TV off, or go out to the kitchen to get a break with a snack or drink, which is why the commercials raise the volume…they want you to hear the ads.

That’s why the scripts of commercials are so repetitive, they say buy, buy, buy… I would rather they say bye, bye, bye.

I go through constant rainstorms, this is just a shower that passes by quickly, but I see my thoughts as raindrops… and the clouds are dry now. So I’ll say bye, bye, bye for now.