Lamentations of the WorldWideWeb

— Lamentations of the WWW : The weight is heavy —




It seems the lamentations are many on the world wide web. Also, it seems when one problem is solved, another problem seeps up through the cracks. A world of propagating problems, like an orgy in labor multiplying at an astronomical scale. The new births are new problems, and all the problems are crying at the top of their lungs.

It’s like a room full of crying babies… Mom’s know what I’m talking about.


Rather, than lamenting on the problems, I would rather solve the problems. Bring resolve to this soul. A kind of productive peace, that will make me at peace in my mind.

I feel better about myself when I solve one problem, but because of my ignorance, I don’t know what I did. I have the weight of 40+ hand digits, that I need to solve. One disappears and five more reappears, it evens out eventually, and I make a peaceful resolve.

Life is that way, a constant struggle. I sound like Hitler writing Mein Kampf. He was so egotistical. It drove him mad. I choose to be humble, and so pitiful, that you feel sorry for me, but I just don’t have another choice. I could be proud, and compete for the love of power with these candidates for the presidency, but I know it’s wrong. Every time I sought the wrong road, I felt the heavy consequences of my sins.

I wonder what I did, to deal with these heavy consequences. Maybe I judged too harshly… Clinton and Trump… Nah. I didn’t judge too harshly, it’s more like overlooking their wrongs.


Well, whatever it is… I don’t deserve this lamentation sessions. I don’t know why I feel sad, maybe it’s at the reasons of new leaders.