Hacking Gone Crazy… have a nice life!

— Hacking Gone Crazy… have a nice life! —


blackboard-573023_640I‘m going through a “hacking gone crazy” major attack on my servers, as I speak(type).

I hope they have a nice life, cause after my death the world will go through turmoil and pain. You might not agree with me, but my spirit is following the great spirit, and that spirit has informed me that, THAT will happen.

Mankind is building the tower of Babel with the world wide web, and when it reaches its peak, then will it tumble.

You can not reach the heavens with the ignorance of fools. There are many great scientists, but you choose to magnify the atheistic. No matter what their religion is, atheism is just another religion going by faith, and theorizing about God’s nonexistence.


The hackers are attacking me from all around the world.

It could be one, or a small group of hackers, that hacked into servers that are in other nations. Then placed a script to attack Allayer.net, cause the attacks are in patterned timed series.

I’m so truthful, and I am totally against war, and never hid that from the world. It got me into trouble many times, but I’m not going to back down this time. The vigor has left my body and  the mentality of my cognitive abilities, and I’m easily confused. I also have a quick temper, which I’m trying to tame. Technology has whipped my ass more times than I can count.

It’s(technology) the abuser of mankind, but more like abusive parents.

It’s either the script kiddies in training making more cyber armies to cause havoc and disruptiveness in the world. Proud of what they’ve accomplished only makes them more ignorant, a classic form of blind denial.



Mankind goes blindly towards their destruction. When they start to see, they get pride thrown into their face. To blind them even more.

Pride is the blinder of mankind. It covers their wrongs, so that they don’t see what they’re doing. Ignorance plays a part in that scenario, it grows fat like Jabba da Hutt from Star Wars. He yields his power, like it’s his right, but he’s too ignorant to see his wrongs.

Hackers are like Jabba da Hutt too, their ignorance will be their downfall. I’ve been ignorant many times in my life, but the more I learn, the more I suffer too. It’s a fact of life.

I learned of all the wrongs mankind can do, some I’ve chosen self induced ignorance from it, cause it wasn’t my cup of tea. It sickened me to no ends. I have a weak stomach, though I just finished a bowl of medium salsa, like it was soup. So that leaves me to self analyze that last statement.

I could add them to the blocklist, or choose their servers and block them all… but that makes my site run slower.

I just needed to vent, and this blog is like my journal… where I log what’s on my mind. However, hacking gone crazy lameness it is.

Have a nice Life!