Bride to Be… Science?

— Bride to Be… Science? I always suspected this —


The thought of Science being the Christ bride, is what I always thought of being the scenario of a wedding that will bless the world. I may be totally off my rocker, but I see it as an opportunity to enlighten, beyond compare.

Religions have made God ashamed of what was created in God’s name, and science was created by man as a part of man, be it his rib. I’ll use that comparison to finish this story, because it will make more sense by the end.



Though I agree with him a 100%, there is still the dangers of heresy, that will give birth to the new extremists that have technical knowledge, like Daesh, and al-Qaeda. There is the danger of misinterpreting God’s spirit. I’ve done it many times while I’ve been alive, and God says there will be many more.

God is just too vast to lock up in the narrowminded cages of religion. It doesn’t bring understanding to the big picture of God. It only makes God mad, and his true followers display that madness, either by they’re going mad or they become terrorists, or sometimes both.

The cages are men/women’s minds, that try to interpret, and understand the majesty and vastness of God. It’s their hopelessness of understanding God, that make God feel trapped in a cage of confusion. God’s too massive for your microscopes. You are too small minded to understand all of God.

You can handle only a microscopic part of God. There is just too much of God to understand, and science is that understanding of God. Religions are recognizing only the Spirit of God, which is a part of the big God picture too.

If you ignore the Spirit of  God, then you are no more than a religion that angers God. Ignore the spirit, then you choose ignorance, which is a selfish trait.


To ignore the spirit that gives you breath, then you’re dead and walking like a zombie. Which is the way we compare you, to communion with the devices of today, rather than seeking the communion with God’s spirit. You’d rather commune with your cell phone, than with the people breathing the same air. What’s wrong with this picture?

Science is mankind’s rib, regenerating itself everyday finding new things of truths that can be massively understood by angels, but confusing to us, the humans.

I found this quote by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby, that has some merit of truth he was a writer in the mid 1800’s, the talk of the marriage that Christ spoke of.


“Mind is only another state of matter called life. Life is only a state of matter that is purifying itself to receive a higher life that will never end; that is science…”Phineas Parkhurst Quimby


And the Bible, at the end of the book of Revelations, talks of the spirit and bride giving the water of life too.

“And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.”[Revelation 22:17]


Science to me is another religion, or a part of the body of Christ, that encapsulates all the religions that worship God in spirit and in truth.

Truth being the keyword here. There are many that worship God in falsity, there heart might be in the right place, but their displays are like an act. Their words are nothing but a flattering tongue, to cover their ass.

They believe for the audience they act for, and some are good actors.

Eternal life is what we seek, and the eternity without pain and suffering is heaven to most of us. Life as we know it now, is hell to most of us who feel the suffering of the world. Those of us, who go through hell with empathy for others, will sit on the thrones of heaven in eternity.

I believe that the breath of God that gave us life, is eternal, and made us eternal too. The only thing is, God can put us to death too, or we can be a friend to God, and be a blessing to all life.

We are on a journey to a wedding, that we may never see, or may be awakened to it in our resurrection. I don’t know, but I have hope, cause that’s all you have… and evidence of things hoped for is revealed through faith.

Kraak & Smaak – Keep on Searching