Who Knows? Who are you going to call?

Who Knows? Who are you going to call?


who knows


God knows, when I wrote the following. I found it, when I went looking through my many papers of forgotten lyrics or essays. This was a short essay on what’s facing this nation today, in fact must’ve been in the past, cause I wrote it in the 80’s. It’s written in script, and I haven’t written in script in a long time, since my stroke.

Who knows when I’ll be writing in script again?


The Text of an Old Writing

  • If the world is to exist as a structure conceived by unity, then the first step is to unify the people that make up that structure. Otherwise, everything that is proposed will crumble, or shift due to the pressures of different supports from different and conflicting ideologies.
  • In today’s world, there are many forms of political organizations assembling themselves to assume the power of the state; because of these various forms of government in control at the moment, and throughout history, they have founded a chaotic system, that nurtures compromises and disagreeable misunderstandings, that only seem to slow down the growth of unity in the world.
  • It is easy to set oneself as the judge of the world, as it is done in the tactics of power politics. Which set the affairs of state, as a king or queen in the social game of chess.
  • The relevance of the last statement, are for those who can not understand the obvious consistent failures of world dominance, is this:
    It is easy to fail at something new, when you still react in your old ways.
  • The world already has its governors. The first being God; the second being nature; the third being the state.
  • If we do not acknowledge the authority of all of these governors, in the order that they are listed, then divisions will continue. Because the ignorance will inflame the ignorance of others. You can erase all religions, but you can not destroy the faith of a man. God has been and will remain the origin of man’s beginning. Because Darwin’s theory of origin is merely a doctrine of faith that leaves more questions, than the doctrines of religions.


The Final Thought

Making America great again, is a misnomer, especially when America has always been great. God made it that way.

It’s our prideful ways that made it greedy and corrupt, but pride is blind to the core. We don’t see it as corrupt. We promote nationalism and patriotism in prideful salutes. Like Hitler’s rise in Germany during the 1930’s, we seek loyalty by pride.

I don’t know the way except through forgiveness, cause you recognize your wrongs. Your pride is humbled, and you see your wrongs, instead of being stubborn with a large prideful chip on your shoulder.


If there was a missing link, then I would believe in the evolution of Darwin’s theory. I believe in intelligent design, as a precursor before evolution. I’m not refusing everything Darwin brought up. Survival of the fittest, but I was interested in more moral things.  I never read Darwin’s theory, so I’m only speaking on hearsay, of those who say they read it.

He wrote it as a form of belief.

Anyway till I read it, I’ll go back to summarize my writings. I wanted to expound more on Darwin’s writings, and the unfairness of myself by not reading his “On the Origins of Species”.

There, that’s all that I have to say.

Who knows? All we can have is faith, no matter what you believe… it’s all in faith. Faith in science, facts, truth, lies, etc…. it all depends on your beliefs.

The truth can turn into a lie at the blink of an eye.