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C’set La Vie

Joey Harkum I remember, I sang like this too. Chords and Lyrics Here It was a long time ago, I was only armed with an acoustic guitar, and became delusional seeking fame and riches, and being idolized for being a rock star… I had to have a stroke to come to my true senses. I’ve …

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Punk Rockers Are Like Boiling Pots of Melodies

  It was Always Alternative Rock to me. I couldn’t sing either, but I had a lot of messages that I wanted to get out into the world… Though with PUNK Rock too… I couldn’t stand their screaming, though their lyrics were deep, when I read them, and it was from their hearts, cause they …

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Trees – We Are Free – 1984

Trees – We Are Free – 1984   I went by the band name Trees in 1984, before I switched to the name  Rain, when I moved back to New York to start the Recording Studio. I was a rookie, and on the cutting edge… which was a mistake. I did everything in this song… …

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MOTH : The Meaning to Me, and Others – 1


— The Meaning of MOTH to Me, and Others – 1 —   The word MOTH to me is an acronym meaning “Matters of the Heart”. I made an Album with an image of a moth eating my brains for the cover… somebody has it. It seems I have lost it in the moves. I …

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Egos RIP in the Music Industry

— Egos RIP in the Music Industry — 09/26/2016 Going down for the last time in the sea of egos RIP, bobbing like apples in the bucket. I see a massive drowning from the proud apples stepping on the fame seekers. Also the record company execs, that live like parasites on the talented singers and …

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iZotope RX5 Audio Repair Kit : Dirty Audio

— iZotope RX5 Audio Repair Kit : To Clean Up dirty Audio Clips — 09/10/2016 I explored the iZotope RX5 Audio repair kit, and all the other’s contributions to cleaning up dirty audio takes, but I only touched with what it can do. RX5 is a stand alone audio editor that works with the major …

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Delusions of Fame and Fortune


— Delusions of Fame and Fortune : A personal story —   Delusions with a gain, like fame and fortune are always a trap, much like the mousetraps of today. With the bait and trap, and if it’s not death, it is a wicked pain to say the least.   I did commercials when I …

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Absent from Playing Music too long

— Absent from Playing Music too long —   It’s hard to get back to playing music, after a decade away from playing any instrument. I wasn’t that good before, so I didn’t master any instrument. I was afraid to. I was a little shy, and without a domineering presence. I was just amazed at …

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Music ain’t everything

— Music ain’t everything —   Music is love and hatred, but it’s not everything. You can misuse music to manipulate the masses, a practice used by the music industry, since I was born. It sets up a conglomerate of like minded people through a facade music for their profit, the conglomerates profits, but they …

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