C’set La Vie

Joey Harkum
I remember, I sang like this too.
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It was a long time ago, I was only armed with an acoustic guitar, and became delusional seeking fame and riches, and being idolized for being a rock star… I had to have a stroke to come to my true senses.

I’ve been a sick and a depraved person with my sexual addictions, and delusions for fame and wealth, and all but sane seeking the truth of the light, that changed me. I’m now obsessed with the truth as an addict of the truth, but not the whole truth, it can be disguised as propaganda too.

It changes your minds to see it the agenda’s way, instead of the truthful way.
It’s hidden agendas are distorting the truths, to fit their agenda, which is manipulations of the people.

To consume and spend their time on ideologies, that distort the info on the ideology’s beliefs systems, mainly religions, are the first born, and grew up to be greedy and powerful, and it branched off into science with assumptions and fantastical dreams.

I guess that’s life, long unsuccessful attempt at breathing, and living without a monkey on your back claiming your mind, as a real estate buy, with drugs, as an addiction/payment… even ideologies are like drugs, and every different view of an ideology is like a pill, that you take to feel satisfied… but it’s just as addicting as morphine, but you are blind to it.

C’est La Vie
That’s life; such is life

I don’t want to rant, and give my view of life… instead of the idiom, C’est La Vie… cause that is the answer to all the bad that happens in this life, and also the good that happens, but the blues was always the bad that happens.

I need sleep instead of singing the blues about our foreign policy with our complicitness of the US, and funding the war with Hamas, and the Palestinians as collateral damage… over 28,000 dead as of today… we are complicit in murdering innocent Palestinians, and not Hamas… Palestinians are people too, and taking away their dignity and freedoms, is so terroristic against your own people, as what the Israelis do in this war too.

You remind me of a spoiled family, calling the other families in your neighborhood terrorists, and fighting with drive bys, and unfair judgments… it never ends, cause you’re all blind… war never brings peace, it only inflames it, into reasons for more war and terror… the perpetual wars of society…

Everyone is throwing blame around like shit, and when it lands on you, you’re dead and gone… see you in the next life.

Judaism is based righteousness, but Zionism is based on colonialism, and occupation for over 75 years… “so let my people go”, was said by Moses to the Egyptian Pharaohs, I’m echoing that to Netanyahu today… you’ve created more Hamas recruits, than destroyed Hamas with your warlike actions.