Punk Rockers Are Like Boiling Pots of Melodies


It was Always
Alternative Rock to me.

I couldn’t sing either, but I had a lot of messages that I wanted to get out into the world…

Though with PUNK Rock too… I couldn’t stand their screaming, though their lyrics were deep, when I read them, and it was from their hearts, cause they contained their passions, but their articulation skills were lacking.

I don’t know, if they understood what they were singing/screaming about, but the lyrics were deep and clouded with fogs of passions, truths, and anger/hate. It reminded me of boiling pots, that you’ll get your tongue burned from tasting it.

It’s better that you read the lyrics, and digest it that way… it’s a good way to digest the music, like a cup of hot tea, you need to let it cool down first, before drinking it down your throat.
It’s a music, that digests the world’s different societies, and they have an urge to be heard by you, the public.

There is pop music that is sweeter, but not as rough/bitter as the punk genre, but the fame is not the focus, nor should it be. Some songwriters are there, for to release the pressures of the world’s society… they just have to release their burdens, from the society in the world… or be a terrorist by committing terrorist acts to be heard.

It’s just getting used to the screaming though… it’s like the beatings by the cops on the blacks, or the IDF on the Palestinians, they remind them of occupying forces, and they have to have a release that will be heard, like a whistling teapot, you know that you have reached your limit.

Otherwise, you’ll have terrorist acts in response… that’s what they’re singing about, they’re fed up… they’ve reached their boiling point, and scream so that you notice.

Born Of Osiris – Angel or Alien
Lyrics are here

It’s like a poem set to Punk progressive music, in the evolution of 50 years.
It’s nicer music, but it still is hard to understand, from their screaming, but sometimes you have to scream it out, cause you can’t sing… but it gets the point across.

You need to read the lyrics though…
Why do they scream? It’s so they get your attention… but you have to read the lyrics though to get the message though, I’m still not sure of the message.

Was she an angel or alien?… he gave her his heart, and she gave him a feather… it might be a part of her wings, but she flew away at the end… I guess this was another blues song, in the punk genre.

But it doesn’t sound bluesy, it was always alternative rock to me, instead of the punk genre, but it was just something you just had to get off your heart musically, and you had something to listen to for therapeutic qualities.

Music has been learned to be therapeutic healers for mental illnesses, and soft relaxing for physical healing too… the lyrics has always kept me company with my solitude, and I didn’t feel alone anymore, cause I could relate to the lyrics.

And it cheered me up, so I could face the rest of the day with a smile or a grin… but it’s a positive frame of mind, and not a contagious depressing frame of mind… but sometimes the events of our societies make us mad and depressed, it’s inevitable… then we go to war with others, or seek dialogs to sort out our differences.

I would choose the dialogue route… cause I don’t like fighting with bullies.