iZotope RX5 Audio Repair Kit : Dirty Audio

— iZotope RX5 Audio Repair Kit : To Clean Up dirty Audio Clips —


I explored the iZotope RX5 Audio repair kit, and all the other’s contributions to cleaning up dirty audio takes, but I only touched with what it can do.

RX5 is a stand alone audio editor that works with the major Video editing software. You have to set the audio editor in the video editing software’s preferences, and it will work seemlessly with Sony Vegas 10 at least.

This video touches on what it can do, it gives the spectra analogy of the sound besides the waveform. It allows switching between the waveform, and visualness of the spectral part of the audio. You get to decide on what view you like.



I have a lot of bad audio, that I’m ashamed of showing, but it has a groove I heard in my head at the time. Since I’m getting back into music, with new music after 12 years of playing no music.


The Parasites of the Music Industry

I‘ve heard a lot of good music from others, but it’s locked up by parasites offering fame and fortune. I would like the artists putting the music industry execs in their place. You’re giving them power. They’re not giving you the power. You should have the options of playing your music, not only on youtube. Let the people hear your music for free, you’ve got the songs for free yourself.

It’s not by grace of life, that the music came to you, so why shouldn’t you share it with the public for free too. You’ll have many riches inside of yourself, rather than making profits for the parasites.

The waves change, the riches will fall, and will rise again. It’s the amount of time for one wave, it’s your life. When the waves hit the shores, it’s your death. Just think of the company you kept while you were here.


Conclusion of the RX5 program

Since I just got the iZotope RX5 yesterday, I found it is a gem of a program, as long as it works with Vegas.

I have a lot of Vegas projects that are unfinished, and the reason for my unfinished projects is bad audio. Or it’s not worth finishing, whatever the case, this program is something I wanted to work with video editing software.

There’s a lot of what this program can do, and I want to learn about the sound qualities. Silence is the most musical expressiveness that fills the beauty of music, with the pauses that make the music have character and expression.

There’s a lot of this program, that I do not know, but I want to know. I started with Spectral Workstation, and now I’m ending with spectral analysis of the sound… it’s all in the digital domain.