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Fruits Grow on Fruit Trees.

Fruits are our works, actions, deeds. I wish that everything you see in this post, makes it clearer, rather than dirtier… the good trees grows in the dirt of fertility, and weeds grow in the dirt too… some plants make somethings grow inside of your heart, and somethings you eat will grow in your mind, …

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Suicide or NOT!


  Suicide,  was                                                                                                                                                    an idea I thought I’d forget about into oblivion. I guess even the Black children’s study said 1 in 5 children go through a suicidal choice. I was always a sensitive child, and was always depressed too. I was a manic depressive, and was always fighting depression. I’m 60 this year, and …

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Indifference is reflections of the Black Mirror

black mirror

— Indifference is reflections of the Black Mirror —   I just binge watched the Black Mirror. Season 4 and half of 3, and was left with a weight of indifference that made me think about life, to the point of not caring. Also there was Matt Damon look alike, named Jesse Plemons. He was …

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Understanding Fertilizing the Crops


— Understanding Fertilizing the Crops — 10/21/2016 I‘m no expert on fertilizing. In fact, I had to study a lot over the last few years about Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium. There are also many trace nutrients that I had to study too. I forget them though, as soon as time goes by though. If I …

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Deaf Ears cause Fears and Tears

deaf ears

— Deaf Ears causes Fears and Tears : A Cop shoots a deaf man — 08/24/2016 A black Cop shoots a white deaf man, for whatever reason fell on deaf ears. He probably didn’t respond to his commands. He was walking towards the cop after being pulled over, and the Cop probably said freeze, and …

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Men In Black – Russian Documentary

— Men In Black – Russian Documentary —     Medvedev the Russian Prime Minister spoke to the Press, saying more info is in the Men in Black. The Russian documentary, and not the U.S. Comedy, Men in Black. The Russians are coming with truth, the US is still in denial. The Russians are saying …

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Wave Bye Bye to the Comprehensible Reality

— Wave Bye Bye to the Comprehensible Reality —   The conjectures of what happened over a billion years ago like they witnessed it yesterday, when we haven’t witnessed a black hole yet, only theorized about it. What we thought when the world was flat, and you’ll come up with the same amount of errors …

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Everything Bugs A Depressed Fool

depressed fool

— Everything Bugs A Depressed Fool —   I‘m the depressed fool, and I’m even more depressed by the Black Hat hackers. I understand that hacking was once looked at as a defense in the beginning.  To seek the weaknesses of an OS, and show it to the public, but quickly turned into an alternative …

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— Thanksgiving? Why? —   Thanksgiving and Squanto, ours is not to question why, but to do and die… with a smile on our faces. Thanksgiving was a time for family gatherings around the dinner table, and feasting with love and thanksgiving in our hearts. Now it’s a consumerist holiday, making the way for the …

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Spam Gangs

— Spam Gangs — Spam Gangs galore, I’m just a lonely fool… fighting them…and have just a rudimentary knowledge of computers, I’ve been at it for over 30 years, so it’s my fault. I was amazed at all the toys and trinkets with the software and what it could do. Anyway, they’ve infected my computer. …

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