Wave Bye Bye to the Comprehensible Reality

— Wave Bye Bye to the Comprehensible Reality —


The conjectures of what happened over a billion years ago like they witnessed it yesterday, when we haven’t witnessed a black hole yet, only theorized about it. What we thought when the world was flat, and you’ll come up with the same amount of errors about the universe.

I’m a hardcore skeptic, that no one scams me, or anyone I love. I ask the hard questions, I would’ve asked the hard questions before we went to invade Iraq, but no one ever answered me, they just called me a traitor. Then when the truth came out about Iraq, I never was apologized to.

WMD is like the wave a conjectural scam, which is like a snowball in the many cartoons rolling down a hill and keeps getting bigger and bigger.

The one conjecture may be a half truth, but the gravity brings more conjectures rolling down the hill, and the snowball of conjectures is getting bigger and bigger. Each revolution makes it bigger with the conjections that stick to the rolling of the conjectural ball.


I understand Einsteins Theory of relativity about time and space, but figuring what happened with conjectures that happened over a billion years ago, like it was yesterday, is a con man’s lie, probably looking for funding.

I’m a hardcore skeptic.

This is a con, by my opinion, but you can believe whatever you want.

It uses half truths, and merely speculations of what happened, that is filled with errors. The error ball is getting bigger an bigger too, and will cause damage when it reaches the bottom of the hill of life.

There is truth there, but don’t assume the conclusions, or you will look like a fool with the errors/lies you believed were true. Lie to yourself, and you’ll be a fool, and start believing the lies to be truth.

I’m the true cynic for truth and love, and I have to make a lot noise about this, and doubt the conjectures that are guiding you down the chutes to slaughter. It’s my choice, and my “freedom of speech” noise.

Listen to it!

Think about it, God’s story is a child’s nighttime storybook, it’s your imaginations that reveal the truth or lies. In the words of Einstein:

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Albert Einstein